A Quilted Memory

“Winter my dear would be cold without warm memories.”

Flakes fall―
a spectacle through the window
warm glögi cupped between my hands
ember coals in the room give way to the glow in your eyes
defying echoes of impossible dreams to relive a day under the African sun
where we took our first long kiss; a beginning of a lifetime journey to the moon

…lighting up my world

Song choice: The Impossible Dream by Andy Williams

– process note: this piece is for our upcoming wedding anniversary on Dec 6th. It always feel as if the whole country pauses to celebrate with us, only but of course, it’s also Finland’s Independence Day. It’s a day of double celebration in our home!


Winter enfolds my many faces
soothes scars left by scorching words
darkness a refuge.
But come spring―
call me by any name
and I will let go of dead weight
shed offended mask
to stand exposed my many faces

A yellow tropical flower whose name I don’t know

Note: The poem is in response to Sanaa at Prompt Nights, “Life is a masquerade. You never know might be hiding behind a mask or facade.”