From the Depths of Darkness

From the Depths of Darkness is a short but nearly-epic journey into the shades of life and on into death itself, yet one ending in the hope of rebirth. – JONATHAN NOBLE

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Book Features:
Size: 5.5″x 8.5″
Binding: Saddle-stitch (stapled)
Pages: 44 (poems from page 5-37)
No. of Poems: 12
No. of Illustrations: 4
Cover weight: Edixion offset 170gsm
Inner pages: offset 90gsm


From the Depths of Darkness: A Collection of Dark Poetry Left in the Light is riveting, poignant, and very telling in cogently written, darkly beautiful verse. From the protagonist who runs under “clouds raining bullets, water sinking boats, natives waving blades … around the globe, south to north, till the end,” to the sad lament of “Early Departure,” which nevertheless ends “beyond this place, of sorrow and tears,” where “the rainbow shines,” the reader is captivated in a whirlwind tour of stark images and raw emotions. These 12 poems will surely resonate within the hearts of every reader. 

JONATHAN NOBLE, author of On Being Human

From the Depths of Darkness is a vivid and powerful journey through darkness and light, wrought with poignant imagery and deep emotion.

CHRISTINA BERGLING, author of Savages

History is rimmed with ghosts who rise from the arcane scars left on the skin of humanity. From the Depths of Darkness is at times a whisper, at times a scream — but always the ethereal movement of the private dark of memory into the light, an unforgettable and piercing experience.

KC REDDING, writer & critic

Her brief, “dark poetry left in the light” sticks to head and heart for a long time. For instance, the poem bit at the beginning of this post has been dancing around my skull for days and days and days…

MAGALY GUERRERO, author of AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories