Seasons Defined

Seasons Defined is a love song to Finland sheathed in a literal map of native wilderness, which seduced its vagabond poet, and sings passions of the seasons of the heart.

Do you know these places? Do you recognize the journey taken? Gather the verses, hike the wilds you thought you knew, and listen to the serenade…


(e-Chap, $1.99)



Book Features:
Size: 5″x 8″
Binding: Saddle-stitch (stapled)
Pages: 44 (poems from page 5-37)
No. of Poems: 16
Cover weight: Edixion offset 170gsm
Inner pages: offset 90gsm


Seasons Defined is a wonderful collection of sixteen nature poems, truly a beautiful ode to nature and love. Khaya’s words are a lovely blend of seasonal aromas and elegant whiff of romance. Love defines her seasons and the seasons define the love she has found.

The reader can see into her soul through her words, and this is exquisite!

CELESTINE NUDANU, author of Haiku Rhapsodies (Verses from Ghana)

I feel that within the beats of the poems there is a song to be heard, the pulse of the phrases take on a life of their own as they become all-encompassing, over-arching each other. This becomes more evident with each reading, when hidden depths are slowly unfurled.

Khaya’s work struck a deeper chord with me as she spoke of the solitude of the wilderness.

ANNIKA PERRY, author of The Storyteller Speaks: Powerful Stories to Win Your Heart

Khaya is a classical lover of verse, who finds her inspiration mainly from nature, from the wilderness and the deep countryside in the northern parts of Finland.

[Her] vision of poetry is deeply ecological, to the extent that society and culture almost disappear. The only cultural reference in this collection is Christmas, which she likes celebrating in the midst of snow. Her themes are universal, yet Nordic, almost arctic. As a South African writer, her immersion in the Nordic nature is a strong sign of integration.

Surely, there are shamelessly romantic bits, but love is not expressed in mundane, everyday language.

ANU HIRSIAHO, writer & critic