Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. ~ Margaret Wheatley

Dear Reader

I’m terrible at conversations via social media. But if you send me questions, comments and suggestions at khaya.ronkainen (at) I’ll sure respond within 24 hours.

On signed chapbooks: How many bookstores in your city or town sell poetry chapbooks? You are lucky, if have one. I’m not aware of any in my city. So, I’m happy to sell personalized and signed copies straight to you. Please contact me on the email above or place your order via PayPal.

On interviews: So, you read my book (or a single poem) and it leaves you with lots of questions. I’m always happy to talk about my work, inspiration, writing process, etc., you’re are welcome to contact me if you fancy a conversation. But before you do, please read this conversation Life of a Poet because perhaps, it might answer your questions.

On conversations with poets: Sometimes I read a book that moves or excites me, and wish I could sit down with the author and chat about it. If you are curious like me, and would like to recommend a poetry book and its author that is willing to talk about their work, shoot me an email.

On critique: I am a member of Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers APA, if you write in the horror genre and would like some feedback on your poetry, stories or novel excerpt, do hop on board for an exchange. More readers are better than one.

On what I’m doing right now.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.