Blogging Break

Summer is the word, and I’m off… It’s that time of year again when I consciously prioritise areas of my life I’ve neglected. This includes connecting with nature, myself, and loved ones.

It’s possible that we’ll run into each other while out and about digital streets. But mostly, I’ll be [staying] away from the screens.

See you in autumn, good people. I hope you have a splendid summer, or any other season you’re in!

Little Epiphanies On My Writing Trajectory

Each time we sit down to create something, we are risking our whole selves. But when the result is the transformation of anger, disappointment, sorrow, self-pity, guilt, perverseness and wounded innocence into something deep and concrete and abiding — that is a personal and artistic triumph well worth the long and solitary trip.” Dani Shapiro

Spring is a season of transformation and rebirth. Every once in a while, I make room for personal growth by re-potting myself. I once touched on the idea of “being suited to my calling” or holding myself up to a particular type of artistic identity, in a post titled On Questioning My Writing Poetry.

Since then, I’ve been exploring other forms of writing and genres. And even though, I’ll never write a full-on memoir, I still find the personal essay/short memoir both attractive and scary as hell to write. But as the quote above indicates, risking ourselves has its own personal reward.

Anyway, the following snippets and dialogue are from my latest personal essay, where I share about my non-linear writing path.

The path and little epiphanies along the way

[at 6 years]
Me: “I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”
Class Teacher: “You could tell stories.”
Me: No way I could talk all day.

[at 10 years]
Me: I love reading and retelling forktales. I enjoy writing letters, too, to share the latest. But earning pocket money is splendid!

[at 17 years]
Mother: “You have the freedom…”
Father: “Time to craft your own story.”

[at 26 years]
Colleagues: “You should be a writer.”
Me: But I like the dynamic world of business. Besides I have rent to pay.

[at 37 years]
Me: I’m done with the rat race; it’s time to employ myself. And I really miss stories...

[at 40 years]
Me: Oh, I didn’t realise I love languages until now! I like speaking foreign. I also enjoy answering questions about my birth country.

[at 42 years]
Me: Hmm…Maybe teaching could be a path back to stories and a way to impart knowledge.

[at 43 years]
Literature Professor: “You could become a poet.”
Me: LOL! It’s a joke, right?

and the story continues…

You can read more of my little epiphanies and everything else in between from my essay, When You Get Tired of Your Own Nonsense. The key message I hope to convey is that if you have a deep passion for storytelling, you’ll always find your way back to it. But as we know, the path to this deeply satisfying vocation is long, arduous and non-linear.

Care to share the evolution of your artistic path or career? Regardless, keep evolving and never stop learning, and remember to be kind to yourself!

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Ode to Godmothers

In the realm of love’s sweet embrace
Where daughters and sons find their place
You stand as guardian with care profound,
Nurturing blooms as godmothers do.

The wind hums, oblivious to a seed’s origin
For it’s not by labour’s toil but by heart’s delight
You guide present and future contributions.
How lucky we are to hold a time capsule!

Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate it! ♥♥♥

And this mama will be recovering from the Eurovision party… 😀