Random Acts of Kindness

Literary friends help me celebrate words.

(longish) backstory: Whether you view writing as a solitary activity or not, as writers and creatives, we can’t deny that the act of putting words onto paper requires time and space; alone time. For me, this alone time writing often feels like living with invisible people in a forested castle, and with neighbours wondering if I’m ever going to come out at all.

That why I value my creative communities. I learn from other creatives in order to improve my craft. But they also inspire, motivate and entertain me. My online creative communities remain an invaluable source of support, especially during these pandemic times, where face-to-face gatherings are measured.

Sometimes, from these creative communities, meaningful friendships are formed. And how lucky am I to have one, two and more of these precious literary friends, who continue to show me true beauty; kindness. Their random acts of kindness, quietly shining a spotlight on the words I write, even as I slumber in my imagined castle, are a true gift.

As Maggie Doherty puts it, “Communities can be important for any writer. But they are most important for those writers and artists who would falter without these forms of mutual aid.”

So, to you all members of my communities, for all the ways you make me a better writer, thank you!

special note: If you are not member of a creative community, and have always been suspicious about or viewed these communities as some sort of a yacht club, you might find this article, The Creative Communities That Changed Literature Forever, interesting.

I’m also linking to Writers’ Pantry at Poets and Storytellers United.

Happiness IS

The smell of freshly baked bread, taste of berries I picked from the wild, sound of my brother’s voice on the phone, a hug from my baby sister I wish I could spend more time with, sight of my fast-growing nephews and nieces are the happiness that is all my senses. Beauty of a pause, silence, me and my thoughts daydreaming, conversations with my fictional characters are the happiness I pour out on the paper. To be moved by music or muse in mundane places such as a grocery store is the happiness I’ll gladly serve as poetry for dinner. Autumn is happiness. Nature’s invitation to freely wander off the beaten track and go skinny-dipping. A rainy day is happiness of simply snuggling up on a sofa with my hubby as we binge watch our favourite series. Happiness is simple things, really, for this introverted soul.

note: A while ago, Natalie, the Hot Goddess, whose exuberant manner and unfiltered truth I admire, asked me and a few fellow bloggers, “What is happiness?” With her permission, I’m sharing my response here, too. If interested, you can read other responses by following the link above.

Welcome to my October! <3

p.s. Also linking to Writers’ Pantry at Poets and Storytellers United.