Appreciating the Beauty of Silence

There’s utter silence—
Nature stands in awe
behind its poem
and welcomes
the moon.

- Khaya Ronkainen

Hey, Good People! I’m taking a full blogging break to celebrate October, my birth month. If you’ve been reading me for a while now, you know already that silence returns me to myself. This means I won’t be publishing any new content here nor responding to comments, and not reading even my favourite blogs.

See you in November. Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to keep searching for beauty in your everyday life. It’s never been more important than now! Thank you in advance for reading. ♥

PS. Feature image, The Moon and Me, courtesy of my dear darling husband!

The Loyal Pair

I’ve been following this pair since spring. Remember the vigilant cob? And then we went away for summer break, before I could see the cygnets.

Even though I know swans in the wild don’t always have success with their brood, my heart ached a little when I recently spotted this pair again, and without the cygnets. Anyway, today I share yet another poem inspired by these fascinating birds.

this autumn

first brood unsuccessful
you take it all in your stride

I dare not ask for more
as I find my stillness and trust
to continue on my path