Living a Little!

Summer is for living a little.

backstory: There’s a fine line between living a little and living dangerously. But after the health challenges and acute loss I went through this past winter, I decided I’m not postponing happiness any more. So, this summer, and despite the constant fear of contracting Covid-19 and other airborne diseases, I’m taking risks to live a little.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the “I’m over it!” careless attitude some people have adopted regarding Covid. The abandonment of masks, alone, is a huge let down. In any case, there are still things (for me) worth the risk of attending in person.

How are things on your side? Do you find yourself caught between caution and a desire to live? If so, how do you strike a balance? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Feature image captures a scene from the Pori Jazz Festival, this summer, in Finland.

Midnight Cycling

Closest to midnight —
We swish past sleepy villages at full speed
coming back from the only bar in town.
Someone somewhere shouts:
“YOLO! You. Only. Live. Once.”
I’m filled with a sense of freedom as I grin widely,
my ears like wings flapping in the air.

An unexpected crescent moon comes into full view.
I throttle the brake so hard, the rear wheel
slightly lifts off the ground.
But I’m in unison
with my cycling partner as we simultaneously
come to an abrupt stop; exquisite is the sensation.
As a late bloomer
who came to cycling very late,
I feel like a pro.

Without a word, we gaze skywards.
After a while, I lower my eyes to take in the 360-degree view:
steadfast forest, quiet country road, field crops,
rising fog, blazing but subtle skyline,
the colour blue, before coming back to settle
on the astonishing moon.

For a moment I visualize a world without suffering:
no war, widespread disease, natural disasters, poverty, prejudice…just peace.
I sigh, because it all seems an impossible dream.
But for now, as we cycle through the night,
silence is limitless love and happiness.

Countryside Landscape at Midnight

PS. I hope you’ve enjoyed these summer poems and glimpse of my outdoor activities. 🙂 As you’re probably aware, my writing follows the ebb and flow of seasons. So, for the rest of the summer, I’ll continue with Project Find Beauty. But I’ll return to (dark) poetry in autumn. Thank you all for journeying with me. ♥ If you’re new to this blog, welcome and stay!