Random Things: Week 20

1. On Mothers’ Day

I love the idea of a day set aside to celebrate mothers. Because mothers are a blessing; they make magic happen with their unconditional love. But I also know not all parent-child relationships are harmonious, more especially it comes to parenting adult children. So, I found myself nodding as I listened to siStars on Motherhood talk about motherhood.

p.s. Behind siStars is Kathy Garland, Michelle, the Therapist and Lady G.

2. Human Connection

With European elections coming up, I’ve been watching the debate among lead candidates running for presidency. And I realised that Josh Gross, who advocates for a more personal approach to science communication is onto something, because the same can be said about politics. Anyway, read for yourself what he suggests in this article To Better Save the Planet, Show Yourself.

3. The Song

It’s time again for cultural diplomacy. The Eurovision Song Contest has commenced. It’s disappointing that Finland got eliminated so early. But watching politics play out in this contest is always interesting enough to keep me glued on the screen. Of course, I’ll be voting for my favourites.

4. TBR List

I pride myself in reading globally but it occurs, as I prepare my Summer Reading Challenge list, that I don’t diversify my reads enough. My TBR list reveals that I read female writers more. I felt guilty about this shortage of male writers in my list, until I ran into numerous articles that point out that, in fact, men (most) aren’t reading women writers either. So, I find myself rethinking my reads.

5. Habits

Some start the day with a prayer, I start mine with a poem. Reading a poem or poems first thing as I sip my morning coffee is something I do out of habit. And the right poem is just the thing to put me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. I used to do museum visits out of habit, and as “ME” time. But with a busy schedule that sort of became a luxury I couldn’t afford. But I’ve recently renewed my museum card in order to get back to enjoying time alone, learn, reflect and be inspired. So, see you at the museums!

But over to you, how has your week been?

Every Friday, I share five random things I’m reading, watching, doing and thinking about. Hope you find them interesting.