Random Things: Week 29

Someone recently asked what does my Instagram bio, Hiking is my faith, and I’m its devotee, mean. So, this week I decided to share why hiking is good for my soul:

1. It helps me reconnect with myself

“On top [and] looking down at creation”

This is how I shut down the “noise”. I trek miles just to listen to my inner voice.

2. It makes me happy

Comfort after walking in the rain, all day.

It’s the simple things, really. If I have shelter, clothes are dry and stomach is full, I’m happy as Larry.

3. It boost my creativity

Creating in the wild

When the story burns, no amount of mosquitoes can distract; literally and metaphorically speaking.

4. It reminds me to be grateful

That small hut is a luxury

It’s easy to take things you have for granted. I tell you, a lavatory in the wild is a luxury!

5. It helps me to let go of hurt and anger

Adding a rock to the summit cairn

By the time I reach a summit, my world is as it should be; in harmony. Btw, there’s a story behind that photo; a memoir I decided not to publish, after all. And there’s a story too, behind that decision.

Now your turn, in what ways do you take care of yourself?

Most Fridays, I share five random things I’m reading, watching, doing and thinking about. You’re most welcome to join the conversation.