Good Weather

Blue is the colour of sky
Delicious a taste of sunshine
In the absence of rain
Wind holds its breath

Oh, the sweet suspension!
Nature writes each line
Presents all elements;
Beauty in appreciation
Of the exact moment

PS. Sometimes it’s easy capture my world in six-word memoirs, other times not and especially when I’m on the move. But poetry never fails. So, I suspect I’ll be sharing more micro poetry, this season and throughout summer; call them “life on the move.” This also means there’ll be no backstories, as Archibald MacLeish puts it, “A poem should not mean But be.”

Wishing you a delightful weekend, and I hope you slow down to enjoy the scenery!

After the Rain

after the rain
leaves spring forth
and cadence of my inner speech
changes to match the mood
of a cheery finch

PS. You must have noticed my extra slow reading pace (visits to your blogs) and late responses to comments here. It’s spring, people! I spend more time outdoors than indoors, at present. But I’m here and always reading, even if I take longer than usual.

Of course, many of you know that hiking is my faith and walking an entry point. The loon is already calling, so what else to do but walk.

A Wonderful Sunday, Everyone! 🙂

A Garden Full of Tulips

Hope is a garden full of tulips.

backstory: Tulips are among the first flowers to bloom in spring. As a result, they can mean different things to different people. In addition, different colours symbolize different things. The image above, tulips that haven’t yet bloomed, represent hope, to me. Isn’t it hope a feeling of expectation for a particular thing to happen!

I’m hoping for many things, this spring. But today, a simple restful day for everyone. And how about you? What are you hoping for today or this spring?

PS. Today, in most countries, is Mother’s Day. So, I wish all mothers abundant joy, today and always! <3