On Slow Processing

I tell a friend, “Write!”

This is in one of our regular correspondence and as we keep each other updated not only of writing but of life. Our correspondence that started as critique partners has become something of a ritual, over the years. It’s an exchange and form that affords me time to sit down, be silent and really listen to her thoughts poured onto the page.

My friend and I live in different countries that have been impacted differently by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, when she says to me, “I cannot tell you how messed up all of this has made me. I can’t seem to write — not even the blog.”

I respond, “Words will come to you. Perhaps in a bundle of mess. Write them down in your journal as clumsy as they come.”

I take time to process things: ideas, conversations and experiences (even this pandemic), sometimes to my own detriment…

After a month since that correspondence I now realise I could have told her even though she might feel as if she isn’t writing, for me her letters are a calming source of inspiration. They make me contemplate my own challenges and privileges.

“Write back soon!”


Curiosity got the best of me this morning. I google a haibun but only an excited and active bee is revealed. Viral thoughts occupying space dissolve into nothingness as soothing sounds take precedence. The contagion that shakes and shapes our world continues to demand respect yet a simple act of moving my body allows me to rediscover the miracle that is spring.

earthling among trees
bears witness to life as the
green, sunny earth buzzes

Flowering Plants

note: It’s funny how this poem, a special feature for Rommy’s prompt, came about. If like me, you’ve always been curious about Google’s Doodles that mark special dates, now go ahead and find out what today is.

Image courtesy of Google

This is what I did early this morning. Google didn’t only remind me that it is Earth Day but really made me smile with this delightful video. And as we know a smile changes everything.

Btw, last year, NASA said earth is greener than it was 20 years ago. That alone is a reason to smile, even though climate action remains one of the biggest challenges. So, Happy Earth Day! 🙂