Random Things: Week 39

1. Innovation is a word I’d forgotten

Now that I’m back in the business world, innovation is a word I hear everyday. Though the word is not new, I’d almost forgotten and had surely misplaced it. Thank goodness, for literary innovators such as Emily Dickinson, who continue to inspire my writing.

2. On avoiding tough conversations

If vulnerability is the birthplace of love, why is it so difficult to embrace? I’m currently listening to an audiobook, Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. Man, there are so many takeaways from this book.

3. Why is Gregory Porter’s “Painted on Canvas” top on my playlist?

Simply because this song is music therapy for my autumn soul. For me, autumn is a season for manifesting. That is, it’s my most productive season in terms of creative writing. So, we’ll see what fruits I reap in spring. 🙂

4. What colour are your days?

So, after listening to the song above, what colour would you paint your day(s)? Me, I choose the colour of love. And of course, you always check how I painted the poppy below with a poem, Red Blooms, that appears in the chapbook From the Depths of Darkness.

Poppy illustration by MagicLoveCrow

5. A strong sense of self

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” ~ Misha Nonoo

Hope you’re enjoying the season. May you be inspired you to find your own misplaced word, paint your days with whatever colour you choose or take a risk and start that tough conversation!

How I Read (Summer 2019)

I read all the books in the list, except one, We Are The Ones We Need by Sihle Bolani. For some reason, Kindle wouldn’t let me purchase it. Perhaps, it’s regional.

Nonetheless, it’s a story I know well and have lived; The War on Black Professionals in Corporate South Africa. Reading from the reviews, it seems nothing much has changed since I left that world more than ten years ago.

But as promised, here is how I managed to diversify my reads.

From bookshelf, book(s) I bought but haven’t read yet

  • Bad Seed by Michael Lackey (indie author)

  • Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Favourite genre (poetry), book by an author I’ve never heard of

  • How Often I Have Chosen Love by Xiao Yue Shan  (chapbook)

  • 20.35 Africa; an Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Safia Elhillo & Ghenga Adesina (anthology)

Classics by some of my favourite authors

  • Sea and Sardinia by D.H. Lawrence

  • Washington Square by Henry James

Recommended by a friend/colleague/stranger

  • The Firm by John Grisham

  • The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

Genre (short stories) I don’t read too often

  • Keyhole Stories by Tove Backhammar et al. (anthology)

In translation (from Italian to English)

  • Those Who Stay and Those Who Leave by Elena Ferrante

Book set in a country I’d like to visit

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

A nonfiction book on a subject a friend & sibling would benefit from reading

  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz

I’ve only listed a few books here (in each category) in order to keep it short. More of my other reads can be browsed here on the blog, Goodreads, Amazon and I’ve also spoken about some on Instagram.

In all, I’m pretty happy with how I managed to diversify my reads. That’s a wrap!