This is Country

Hoppers chirp
Bees hum

Fostering species
Flowers bloom

Cotton clouds
Blot the sky

Breeze wafts
The sun shines

Noon whispers
Asserting calm

Tractor distracts
A wader singing

Berries compete
And weed whips

Cobwebs adorn
Windows anew

Down the river
A boat awaits

Eve instructs
Bathers rejoice

As midnight sun
Detains nudes

Before a curtsy
Sign to retire

Oh, solitude
Urban traces fade.

PS. Images in the post (besides feature image): 1 – patches of clouds in the sky, 2 – tractor working in the fields, 3 – weed among redberry bushes, 4 – rowing boat, 5 – neighbouring saunas & 6 – some people I know sitting on the rooftop and cooling down between sauna sessions.

PPS. This is Country is a poem from Seasons Defined. Now you can’t say I didn’t tell you about this book. 🙂 Fresh poem next week. Happy Summer Reading!

Wilderness, My Friend

We share load in my rucksack
and agree, no need for bells and whistles

We assist each other navigate difficulties
and agree, anything can be accomplished

We quench our thirst from a well of love
and agree, love is a beautiful thing

We dine outdoors with birds singing
and agree, it’s time to dance

We take pleasure in dancing positions
and the moon approves.

PS. Featured photo is Saana Tunturi, a fell near Kilpisjärvi Lake in the Finnish Lapland region.

PPS. The poem forms part of Seasons Defined, an e-Chapbook available for purchase at Amazon for 0.99 cents. Go grab your copy, if you love nature poetry! 🙂

Promise of Pleasure

At a distance, yells the mysterious creature ––

We’re tired and dozy
Will you keep it down!
What’s with the moaning?
Gloating won’t win
It’s been a long day hiking.

Sun rays bedazzle
Water a mirror reflecting
A glimpse of her world
Staring agape in wonder.
A twilight experience
As the sun winks;
A pause to welcome the night.

P.S. If you fancy nature/love poetry for summer reading, Seasons Defined, an e-Chapbook is available from Amazon for 0.99 cents. Go grab your copy! 🙂