If I Could Change One Thing

If I could change one thing, what would it be?
A question to ponder, and a wish set free.
There’s the world greed’s dark stain
And hearts to mend torn by pain.
Perhaps I’d heal hidden scars of hate,
Create a space for love to dominate.
Or purge Mother Earth of war’s cruel toll
And honour victory with a peaceful stroll.
However, as I pause and deeply think,
I realise change can happen in a blink.
It’s not in the grand, sweeping decree
But in moments created by you and me.
To lend a hand, to comfort a weary soul
And cradle again, a heart made whole.
If I could change one thing, I’d attest,
The power to effect change lies within us.

Prompt 30. If I could change one thing, for Write Right @Thotpurge

PS. Featured Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

An Alternate Reality

In reality, life is a spectacle
but doom-scrolling is a menace.
With each swipe and click, it’s quick
down the rabbit hole into darkness
where bizarre and illogical experiences
manifest into anxiety, ceremonious
as we leave this material world behind.

Prompt 28. Reality vs Doomscrolling, for Write Right @Thotpurge

From Thrill to Warzone

A world of its own, where connections blossomed. Who could deny the first thrill? Talking with so many people, all at once, around the world. I never questioned the absurdity, for I found my people and latched onto brilliant ideas they shared. Reunited with long-lost relatives, a promise realised, bringing us closer. We spent hours in the comfy digital living rooms, chatting and happy with wonders of technology.

No-one dared talk about the relentless grip, addiction a strong word. That was until someone figured out how to make money hacking attention. Best twerker received rewards and praise. But at what cost? There’s no winning the competition. Deep pockets pay the bots. Civil conversations abandoned, dark shadows emerged, casting a blight on what once was a haven.

Social media today—
a dark realm, bullying rampant, children and adults alike altering ourselves to fit the mold. Deep wounds covered with sparkly smiles to outdo Mona Lisa’s, the perfect canvas to draw a self-portrait. Who wants to be left out, feeling jaded, and standing by the FOMO roadside!

An arcane world, tainted by conflict, became a war zone of opinions. Sophisticated battles in the arena of pixels, you wouldn’t know you’d enlisted in the squad cancelling the culture. A simple click speaks volumes. Scrolling endless, a sinking ship drowned by the noise, leaves us conflating attention with care.

Oh my people, beautiful and sensible people, hijacked by creatures that do not breathe! Social media today— it’s not that I’m a hater, I simply feel outside of culture.

a world of its own,
battles fought to feed the beast
bringing us closer.

Prompt 26. On social media, today for Write Right @Thotpurge.

PS. Featured Image by Piotr Cichosz at Unsplash.