Food for the Soul

November finds me prepared with pencils.

backstory: You might have seen the image above, I’m reposting it, nonetheless. Because November is a time I reach for storage boxes of my old artwork and hobbies to nourish my soul. Revisiting creative hobbies I do only for my eyes is the beauty of the November month; a space for me for to fly or fail with no pressure.

p.s. The illustration is from Enchanted Forest, an adult colouring book by Johanna Basford. I’m also responding to a prompt at Poets and Storytellers United.

October Endings

Auroras set the landscape ablaze
and October goes out with a bang
for the dead are not really dead
but live always, only in a state
of profound dormancy.

backstory: Not the usual weekly six-word memoir… but Northern Lights were forecast to be visible across the whole country, continent and beyond, last night. I didn’t get a glimpse because it was cloudy in my area. Nonetheless, hosta leaves (pictured above) that turn yellow in autumn always remind me that nothing is really ever dead. All living beings must rest. So, October’s end and changing of clocks to winter time help me access the gift of meaning. There’s beauty in that.

p.s. Also linking to Poets and Storytellers United.