Menopause in the Time of Covid-19

I remember telling a friend as she reached her milestone that it was not all downhill from here but midlife is a vantage point. In hindsight, I now realized I hadn’t factored in a number of things such as dealing with empty nest, caring for elderly parents, the added stress brought by the pandemic, among other things.

Recent studies reveal that the pandemic has exacerbated menopausal symptoms, with pandemic associated depression and anxiety in the mix. But what is rather concerning, for me, is that menopause remains a taboo subject. I know this from my own experience.

What to expect and how to deal with disconcerting changes that come with menopause is not often talked about or done so as a joke. Nonetheless, there’s a general consensus among experts that everyone (spouses and children included) need to be on board with, and know how to support a woman going through menopause.

I was so happy when Kathy Garland started the blog Navigating the Change: A Guide for the Menopausal Journey. Because menopause is a natural process, and we need to destigmatize it. Navigating the change with other women; sharing experiences, learning from experts and supporting each other has made all the difference already, for me.

My happiness with this endeavour even saw me pitch a poem, which is part of a work-in-progress, about some of the things I’ve felt acutely during this pandemic. And Kathy graciously accepted that poem.

Before I end, I should mention that I still believe midlife has its benefits. Some of them, for me, are increased creativity and improved confidence to finally write what I want. So, ageing is not all gloom and doom. But the attitude towards menopause needs to change.

Are you or someone close to you going through menopause? How you are dealing with it? Please do share!

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Pressing Memories

I press memories as summer escapes.

backstory: Have you noticed that when you feel or express gratitude, your mood improves remarkably? This is what has started to happen again with me. I’ve started to appreciate even the smallest things. The phlox flowers (pictured above) best capture my mood as I hold on to summer memories. Today, I invite you to share one or two things you are grateful for, of late.

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Hair Washing Days

Hair washing days are "ME" days.

backstory: I’ve come to treasure things I used to take for granted, when I was still living in South Africa because of their scarcity here. For example, nowadays, I reuse hair extensions until I can’t use them any more, before I bin them. Anyway, beauty of the days I wash my hair is that they are “me” time, a pampering of sorts, as braided hair takes long to dry.

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