Of Holiday Traditions

Ghosts in my mailing list rest.

backstory: One of the old traditions we uphold in my family is that of sending relatives and family friends handwritten holiday greetings. As I go through my mailing list this season looking for postal addresses, I observe with great sadness that quite a number of people in my address book have died during the past few years, from various illnesses.

While it is sad to delete their contact details, there’s beauty in this. Because this act brings me some closure. More so, as I ponder how to deal with disappearance of some online friends from the internet; a topic worth exploring in the future.

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Practicing Freedom and Gratitude

Freedom; I take nothing for granted.

backstory: Tomorrow, December 6th, is Finland’s Independence Day. I’ve written a lot about what and why I love my second home, for instance, here. This year we celebrate independence with gratitude as a theme; honouring “people who have worked for the good of health and Finnish society” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Personally, as this day is also our wedding anniversary, I celebrate freedom a loving relationship affords. There’s beauty in that.

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On Making Your Own Joy

The holiday season can be a time of great joy or sadness, depending on where it finds one. I’ve been on both sides of the coin. But let’s consider this, holidays are important. With the ongoing pandemic and its variants, the displaced met by closed borders and other world issues, life is pretty stressful. In addition, our daily lives have never be busier than before. We are constantly plugged in. Surely, this all can’t be good for our well-being. That’s why we need holidays. They offer many benefits for our overall health.

But if you find yourself dreading the sometimes over-the-top season — with marketers persuading us to consume mindlessly, buying things we don’t need, spending money we don’t have or trying to impress people with gifts they don’t care for — think again! There are as many ways as there are people on this planet to do holidays. What’s key is finding what works for you or better still create your own holiday tradition.

In all, this is to say, let’s enjoy the season for what it is and don’t fret about what it could be. And perhaps, the most precious gift we can give people we care about is the gift of time. So, here’s to making our own joy!

decorative lights and snow

special note: This is my last interactive post for this year. I’ll continue searching for beauty and sharing it here but comments will be disabled till January, to allow for some quality time with my loved ones. And so, many thanks to you all, my readers and fellow creatives, for journeying with me in 2021. I wish you and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ♥

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