The Buoyant Attitude

People I know visit Tallinn, often. I do too, but not to hangout with them. Because conversations can easily resemble those that take place in a staff room, with certain groups intent on the jargon that eludes most multilinguals.

I visit Tallinn to have a conversation with my neighbour, whom I often avoid meeting at the corridors of our building. Because the thin walls of the city boxes we live in transmit all sorts. I usually resort to catching glimpses of her comings and goings through a peephole. I suspect she does the same.

But on a ferry to Tallinn, we suddenly have a lot to talk about as empty bottles of champers sway to the rhythm of ocean waves, and with our voices matching the sound of live music. We lose all inhibitions. We are away from home.

note: This short story (140 words) is a response to the prompt, Away from Home, for Telling Tales with Magaly Guerrero; a Pantry of Prose.

A Test of Character

I have died many deaths
not by the sword of a foe
but by that of a friend
trying to outsmart truth

The future is rimmed
with uncertainty that tests
resilience and character

In uncertain times friends
pick up swords and slash all hope,
for choosing hope is to confirm
anything is possible

How dare you acknowledge the truth!

I have died many deaths
but I’m still here to testify,
for someone neglected
to wipe the blood.

For Midweek Motif, Poems To Weather Uncertain Times, at Poets United.

process note: Here is a quote by Adam McKay, I like very much “Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.”

If you don’t believe that some people hate poetry the truth, please read The poet must die by Don Mattera. I believe he wrote it during uncertain times in the history of South Africa. It’s my favourite poem by him (and has actually inspired this my poem above) because it shows what poetry can do.