A Grain of Sand

trodden by passers-by
off the shore, you lie
one in a million
– dusty particulate

what’s there to discern?
intangible arguments of
time and infinity;
a revolutionary junta
where deceit is
bird’s claw

Sand Dunes

Note: I blame it on April; the tone of the speaker, I mean. I’m sure you’re aware of April month’s dispositions. Anyway, I’m linking this piece to Midweek Motif at Poets United. To read different takes on this prompt, please visit the link.

Not Yours to Sell

Most times I bleed these words;
Deserted by the elusive genius
As she courts other talents

Most times I squeeze these words;
Salty waters blinding eyes
As dams burst leaving no survivors

Most times I sift these words;
Trash swirling, syllables protest
As I step on someone’s toes

Once in a while a verse is given
Mundane comes to a halt; urgency
As I capture the moment

Creativity and commerce always controversial
“I do it for the love”
Therefore, impostor! These tears, sweat and blood
Are not yours to sell.

Note: This piece is for Magaly’s dark poetry for the cruellest month.