The Loyal Pair

I’ve been following this pair since spring. Remember the vigilant cob? And then we went away for summer break, before I could see the cygnets.

Even though I know swans in the wild don’t always have success with their brood, my heart ached a little when I recently spotted this pair again, and without the cygnets. Anyway, today I share yet another poem inspired by these fascinating birds.

this autumn

first brood unsuccessful
you take it all in your stride

I dare not ask for more
as I find my stillness and trust
to continue on my path

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Khaya, I did enjoy your photos and poem. Nature is so fascinating. Perhaps the offspring are safe elsewhere. One never knows. Be well. Enjoy your day and week ahead. oxox

  2. Oh what beautiful reflections Khaya. Stillness and trust…Oh how fascinating and descriptive of this perfect couple. Thanks so much for the share and enjoy the rest of your day my friend. 🦢💖🦢

  3. Hi Maryann, thank you for popping by and your encouraging comment. I’d like to believe that the cygnets are safely tucked away, somewhere. But baby swans usually stay close to their parents for a few months. Anyway, it’s the nature’s way. Wishing you a wonderful week, as well. <3

  4. Yes there were nesting, when I last saw them. But it’s no uncommon for the clutch to be vulnerable. If the nesting couple is young and inexperienced (first time parents), they can make the mistake of building the nest close to land and thus unintentionally grant easy access for predators.

  5. Still and trust, my friend! That’s what this autumn dictates, to me.:) You are always welcome, Kym. Thanks to you for your appreciation of the natural world. Wishing you a wonderful week. <3

  6. Aww! Thank you, my friend. I’m glad you find these words meaningful.

    As you might have guessed, nature fascinates me. I call myself a student of the natural world. 🙂 And there’s so much to learn. For instance, this pair seems to take what would be deemed as failure in its stride. Now as autumn progresses, they rest and restore their energy in preparation for the next adventure; migration.

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