His Eyes Were Watching Me

Tall and powerful
His sharp eyes were watching me
Ready to defend
The fine dame and precious clutch,
I leave the nesting pair be

p.s. Happy Midsummer to all who celebrate!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Thank you, my friend. Caring for wild things is my lifeline to sanity, news is downright depressing these days. Enjoy the summer, and remember to rest in between preparing for your new book launch! <3

  2. There is something extra powerful about the gaze of a protective parent. Also, that beak can be quite the deterrent, lol!

    I spent my Midsummer in bed with the COVID monster. But things are good now. Hope your Midsummer Day was a wonderful one.

  3. No need to fuss the proud papa. This way he can focus on any real threats instead of defending against human curiosity.

  4. I like that powerful gaze too. But the beak is scary. It reminds to stay away as I’ve heard nesting swans can be aggressive, and will attack humans to protect brood. I guess being protective comes naturally to all creatures that breed. 😀

    I’m sorry once again about the COVID monster. I hope it eases its grip soon, so that you can enjoy the summer. Stay safe! <3

  5. That papa is so vigilant that humans are probably seen as a threat too. I find female swans less aggressive. On a rare occasion, while hiking in the wilderness, a female swan and cygnets swam close to our camp as we were having morning coffee. They lingered around having their own breakfast, with no care. I mean they were so close that we even forgot to take photos; we just sat there in awe. At least, I wrote a poem about that experience…lol!

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