Uncovering the Extraordinary

A crow plucked my heart
And hung it on a tree
For the whole world to see.

Pleas and protests, in vain
The mischievous creature
Pecked at my core insisting
“Be love, be bold and bare it all!”

Litha, the Baby Crow
pic by MagicLoveCrow

process note: I’ve mentioned (somewhere else) before that I never regarded crows as extraordinary birds. But that was until I got introduced to this amazing work.

Sometimes it takes an extraordinary person to shine a light on the ordinary, and Stacy, who blogs at MagicLoveCrow, is that person. Anyone can be that ordinary person trying to uncover the extraordinary in their own way.

The poem excerpt is in response to Midweek Motif, “Seeking the Extraordinary in the Ordinary” at Poets United.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. I LOVE this poem so much! Love the crow plucking your heart and hanging it on a tree. There are many crows and ravens where I live – tricksters, they bring a smile………so nice to see you at Poets United.

  2. I like to think there is an analogy here showing how important mankind should respect the other creatures here on Earth, less their actions pluck the heart out of the planet too, leading to destruction for all.

  3. Wow, love the verse, which works beautifully as a ‘fragment’ and would also make the bones of a great story if you ever want to write it in verse or prose. Also, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist and her lovely blog. I have always had a thing for crows myself, so this is all very special.

  4. You are right all we need is that shining light to see the worth of anything or anyone. This poem as well as that picture shines in that light. Absolutely beautiful Khaya.

  5. Thank you, Sherry. I’m super pleased to hear you love this piece. The more I learn about these creatures, the more I appreciate them.

  6. Hi Rosemary! Yes these verses are part of a longer poem but I’m still playing around with the form. So, thank you for seeing the potential in this piece. Welcome to the crow embrace 🙂 Stacy does capture the beauty of these birds in an extraordinary way, and for bird/crow lovers her artwork brings great enjoyment.

  7. Aren’t they just extraordinary creatures. No Annell, I didn’t know that. Fascinating piece of information. 🙂

  8. The grin on the crow’s face is perfectly described in your poetry. Just perfect.

    And I love the words, and the invitation… They go wonderfully with Stacy’s art.

  9. Khaya!!!!!! You are a sweetheart!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Your poem is fantastic! Big Hugs and Much Love!

  10. I adore this reckless crow, it lights up my days! Thank you so much Jerry for dropping by and reading, much appreciated.

  11. Khaya, this is a wonderfully cheeky, happy poem full with love of life! You’re inspired!! The picture is fabulous and together this is an excellent post -I’m smiling! ?

  12. Hey Khaya, I was directed to this post from your most current one and I love the image. Thanks as well for the recommendation to Stacy’s blog. I must admit that I too never really thought much about crows except for maybe the creepiness factor. Can hardly wait to learn more.

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