Colour of Clouds

Colour of clouds captures spectacular moments.

backstory: Besides that I love watching the sky and all magic that happens above my head, there’s a story behind the photo above. But this quote, “Sometimes I go about pitying myself, and all the while I am being carried across the sky by beautiful clouds.” captures its essence much better. Here’s the realization since I started Project Finding Beauty, it’s not always easy to find beauty but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

And here’s a question for you: What specific beauty do you notice around you, today? 🙂

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Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Yes, however we feel at any one moment , the persistent refreshing joy of life… Inspirational as always, Khaya…

  2. Khaya, I love this. I am devoted to a single luxury, indulgence on a daily basis, and that is appreciating how beautiful the sky is at every point of the day. God is such an artist.

  3. Ah yes you penned this in haiku vision
    Happy Sunday

    Is it my laziness peaking
    or an honest ponder on
    the beatty of rainfelled leaves

  4. Right now…it’s a sunny day out if my window. Two pets sleeping peacefully

  5. Where’s the quote from?
    Specific beauty of today – the peace of our home on a quiet Sunday.
    I hope you find more beauty in your email inbox today (hint-hint!)

  6. Thank you for sharing the beauty you found!

    I am blessed to live in a part of the world where it is very easy to find beauty; I’m surrounded by it. I open my front door and am confronted by deep blue mountains, seemingly just across the way. And clouds, yes; I never tire of photographing ours, which are always spectacular. Indoors, I marvel at the perfection of my little cat. And so on….

  7. I enjoy the way the light filters through the trees in my backyard in the early morning. And I do agree, staying vigilant to the small beauties around us can be a big help to our mood.

  8. Laura! I’m grinning from ear to ear. 🙂 Generosity is the absolute beauty I find in my mail box, today. THANK YOU! I’ll be writing soon. <3

    Oh, about the quote, I searched high and low for the author. Because it's such a brilliant quote and deserves all the credit but only came up with author unknown from my searches.

  9. I gladly join Project Finding Beauty! My six words!

  10. Khaya, a mesmerising sky and I feel as if the blue will envelop me, reassuringly so until I glimpse the hint of darkness to the left! Love your six words and as for beauty, I’m seeing the world afresh with my new camera – blackberries, the beach, dew drops on marigolds and always the fuschias – so much beauty and precious moments of life to enjoy them all. hugs xx ❤️

  11. The image is gorgeous , Khaya. And the quote is inspired. The beauty around me today is a deluge of pounding rain… the first in months. The land is soaking it up and laughing with joy. 🙂

  12. Beauty wears so many faces and shapes. Sometimes, I feel, she sleeps deeply veiled… waiting. Today, I found beauty in something that doesn’t look all that beautiful at all. I was stirring a chicken feet and necks broth I’ve been brewing, and the sight took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. I found myself smiling, and remembering her squatting in front of her cauldron stirring a similar brew. There is beauty in seeing that one is growing to be so much like the soul one admires most.

  13. Love your observation on clouds ~~ I turned eighty on Saturday ~~ I experienced the beauty of family and friends as they cheered and toasted .. truly blessed I am.

  14. The sky and clouds never get old. As to your question…. Well, right now I guess it’s the sheets flapping on the line.

  15. Thank you, Ananda. I nearly missed this spectacular sky…It had been raining for days and I was undecided about going out that afternoon as I didn’t fancy being caught in another downpour again. But if I had stayed indoors and complained about “bad” weather, I’d have definitely missed this special moment. 🙂

  16. I love the idea of devoting oneself to a single luxury and indulgence daily. A wonderful way of finding or looking at beauty. Thanks Naledi for reading.

  17. From your description, your world is a beautiful poetry that pleases the senses. So much to fuel your creativity around you, and I’ve noticed your little cat too is doing a great job at that. 🙂

  18. I can imagine you sitting in your backyard in that moment: sipping your brew, soaking up the light and enjoying the moment. Thank you Rommy for sharing your world. <3

  19. I love how a single photograph can offer different perspectives, and interpretations. 🙂 You have a discerning eye, yes there is a hint of darkness. But luckily it was the end of it, after days and days of rain.

    Oh, welcome aboard to seeing the world afresh, and with your camera too! I can visualize your lovely world with all colours, textures and sound of the beach. Thank you so much for sharing your world, Annika. Enjoy the autumn season and keep capturing those precious moments with your new camera! Hugs <3

  20. How you describe your day and world is poetic. The first rain (after a long absence) is always a joy. Enjoy, go outside, sing along with the birds and join the land in laughter! 😀 What beauty you shared here Diana, thank you!

  21. You are spot on. Beauty wears so many faces and shapes, indeed. I agree chicken feet and necks broth don’t offer much, at first. BUT the memory of gran’s kitchen…Precious!!! And growing up to be so much like her is definitely something to celebrate. I love this take on beauty; extraordinary and heart-warming. Thank you for sharing your world, Maga. <3

  22. Oh wow, that a milestone! Happy, happy belated birthday, Helen. Without a doubt, there’s beauty in special moments like these spent, and spent with family and friends in cheer. May your new year bring you all things beautiful!

  23. You captured the magic in the sky, so well. The sky never gets old, and so are the clouds. But how lucky you are to have sheets flapping on the line, I guess you still have lots of sunshine in your world. And oh, the beauty of sheets flapping could make a great story, it’s inspiring. Thank you Yvonne for your visit and sharing your world. Much appreciated!

  24. My desk is right next to the window because I’m nosy, and also so I can see everything that is beautiful: the clouds, the sun, the rain when it starts, the grass, the neighbors and their children and dogs, etc.

  25. Beauty around me today? Rainclouds, luscious rainclouds as I visit a relative in another state, far away from the drought-stricken Southwest.

  26. It has been raining hard here too and when I step out for my morning walks, I look forward to being drenched in the glorious downpour

  27. That’s an excellent strategy, putting your desk right next to the window, you can’t miss a thing. 😀 Thanks for sharing your world, Kathy.

  28. I can certainly feel your appreciation of luscious rain clouds. And it makes sense, if you’ve been experience drought. Hope you have or had a wonderful time with your relative.

  29. Beautiful post, Khaya! Nature’s simple gifts bring such joy. I love cloud-watching, second only to night-sky gazing. Thank you for sharing 💙🤍

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