After the Rain

after the rain
leaves spring forth
and cadence of my inner speech
changes to match the mood
of a cheery finch

PS. You must have noticed my extra slow reading pace (visits to your blogs) and late responses to comments here. It’s spring, people! I spend more time outdoors than indoors, at present. But I’m here and always reading, even if I take longer than usual.

Of course, many of you know that hiking is my faith and walking an entry point. The loon is already calling, so what else to do but walk.

A Wonderful Sunday, Everyone! 🙂

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Love this, Khaya! I too prefer time outdoors to time online, and have reduced my “social media engagement” (reading and responding to posts and comments) to 2-3 days a week. Enjoy beautiful spring!💜

  2. You have a wonderful Sunday too Khaya. And honey, I am so with you on spending time in the great outdoors, even if it is in your own backyard or on a walking trail. This is also a part of self-care! 😉 Here’s to great things my friend. 🥰🌺😍🌳🤩🦋✨ Thanks for sharing your endearing poem! 🙏🏼

  3. It’s so good to be outdoors after a long and rough winter. Taking a break from Instagram has done wonders for my mental health. So, hooray to you for reducing time online! I also hope in between preparing for your big move, you are enjoying the season to fullest.<3

  4. It’s my pleasure, Kym. It feels really good to be out and about, I must say. 🙂 I wish you a great season as well, darling. Here’s taking to the trails and gallivanting outdoors! <3

  5. Oh Khaya, I am on the same page as you. Here’s to great days ahead my dear friend. Thank you! 🙏🏼🥰💖🌺😘 Enjoy the great outdoors! 🏔🏞🛣

  6. Lovely – makes me wistful for my beloved home Colorado – whose society/environment/weather I so deeply mesh with…that means the outdoors is naturally part of life there. I, too, am not ‘athletic’ but there are some places more conducive to outdoor experiences than others. Where we live now, I am considered ‘athletic’ because things like riding bikes, walking trails is not part of the ‘everyday’. Imagine, me ‘athletic’ LOL
    I read each of your linked posts…including your poem – wow- hugs a million times over to you, dear one.

  7. Thank you so much Laura for reading. Much appreciated! And I send hugs your way, too. <3

    I hear you about some places being more conducive to outdoor experiences than others. Johannesburg was exactly like the picture you draw about riding bikes and walking trails not part of the everyday. I hope you have cyclist lanes, at least, for safe riding around. And of course, kudos to you for being an athlete and making the best of the season! 🙂

  8. Enjoying nature in spring is the best of reasons to be missing every now and again. I can feel the cheer in your words, your enjoyment of what’s sprouting… That makes me very happy.

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