A Gift I’d Rather Have

air thick with birdsong
a bard’s world full of wonder
daydream a fortune

for Poets United

notes: But what’s exciting in my world right? I’m finally tackling spring cleaning and rearranging furniture as I hold my breath, South Africa is voting today. I hope every vote counts in turning things around. And that’s a gift I’d rather have.

It’s still a Long Walk to Freedom – Lion’s Head, Cape Town
Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Beautiful words to complement a perfect spring photo. Fingers crossed for South Africa today.

  2. A dreamy write. I’d much rather be in this image than at work with hailstones pelting my window.
    I wish SA all the best in the vote. (My sis-in-law is from SA- and she didn’t mention it. I’ll call her and ask if she’s voting)

  3. If only all our daydreams could be real! The thickness of air should be of song–what a gift! Prayers for SA.

  4. Khaya, may your’s and South Africa gifts be honoured, today, as voters cast their ballots without the threat of violence and death.

  5. Khaya, may you’s and South Africa gifts, become true, as the ballots are casted without the threat of violence or death to the country voters.

  6. This is wonderfully dreamy, Khaya! ❤️ I shall offer prayers for favorable results by voting in South Africa! 🙂

  7. Today, I was awaken by three blue jays fighting over a peanut… in front of my bedroom window. I was grinning so hard that I’m surprised my first didn’t burst into happy fires. The rush of joy I got out of that sight is brought back to life by the first line of your poem. There is such happiness in birdsong, almost as much as there is bliss in a delicious word. The last line of your poem leaves me smiling, too… and daydreaming yum.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the best results. I’ve been following things in the news, and trying not to bite my nails.

  8. I’m listening to the local birds’ chatter as I’m typing. Their singing doesn’t make the foul political morass my country finds itself in any better, but it does remind me how much the simple things are worth protecting. I hope the South African elections go well.

  9. There is nothing quite like being part of nature itself; walking in the park, exploring or even sitting in one’s own garden to see and hear nature at work. Beautiful haiku Khaya.

  10. Best Wishes to South Africa, i luv the Lion head scenic you shared. And what a pretty poem, thanks for your poetic gift

    much love…

  11. Hailstorm always passes, and in some cases a rainbow might even follow.:) Thanks Viv. I also hope your sis-in-law did have an opportunity to vote.

  12. To hear a birdsong first thing in the morn is such a delight and really a happy way to start the day. What better gift than this for a bard, and to be hypnotised into a daydream by the birdsong!

    Thank you for crossing fingers with me. News from the South is not always good news, but I remain hopeful.

  13. Ah, the joys of a writer’s life; typing while listening to bird’s chatter. 😀 But on a serious note, there’s so much political morass in the world. So, you are correct, simple things are worth protecting and celebrating. Thanks Rommy, I hope all goes well too with SA elections.

  14. The gifts you crave and appreciate? So do I! Sweet piece!

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