The Emphasis on Selectivity

“Don’t go out looking for experience for its own sake.” ~ Saul Bellow

An apple-like fruit whose name I do not know.

It is the thing—
under no circumstances
to give into

Invitations are plenty
but snobbery
pays off

chew the invite

swallow or spit;
it’s an acquired taste

do not give in

Temptation IS
sweetest bitterness
– resist!

for Poets United

note: I’ve been preparing for an exam in the past few weeks, and as such I couldn’t get round to reading all my favourite blogs. But now that it’s done (I wrote it today) I’ll be slowly catching up.

Here’s to wishing you all a peaceful Easter break, in advance!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Ooh yes! 😀 Temptation can be hard to resist… but we must!! ❤️

  2. So is the invite the temptation or the selectivity? I know, but I could imagine it either way, someone depriving themselves into loneliness.

  3. Ah Susan, you’ve got me. 😀 I left the process note on purpose. But to answer your question, this poem starts in the middle of the action scene, perhaps that’s why it feels ambiguous!?

    The emphasis is on being selective, that is, choosing one’s battles carefully. Invite is the temptation. And the invite I’m talking about is the tempting need to explain oneself, when feeling misunderstood. These are the types of invitations I chew. 🙂

  4. Yes, too often temptation has its bitter side.

  5. Not all temptations are bad, but we do know in our hearts the ones that are. So then before we dare we must weigh up the consequences.

  6. But I can’t resist chocolates…Ugh, I’ve put on so much weight. What a shame 🙁 Love how you close.

  7. Thank you, Sherry. I’m hopeful about the results but I wait…
    Yes, I agree. Some temptations are not worthy of attention.

  8. Chocolate is one my vices, too. I call them the 3 Cs; chocolate, cheese and champers. 😀 Trick though is, the more the chocolate, the more the outdoors. 😀

  9. Best wishes with your exams Khaya. Its good you have some blog hopping time now.
    Luv the issues of selectivity and the shield of snobbery, in reality temptation surrounds us daily

    Much ⚘love

  10. Temptation is, indeed, a bittersweet mistress. And often times, if we resist, we are blessed by only tasting the sweet.

    I hope you get the best grade ever in your exam!

  11. I’ve found that being selective about the temptations I succumb to makes it that much sweeter. Regular cookies? Oh no… I adore cookies, but I make myself hold out for bakery fresh specimens.

  12. If one feels like something is a temptation it is probably being entered into for the wrong reasons … I like the sparse feel to your poem, which adds power and emphasis to your words and the final single declaration of ‘Resist’! Not always easy … but wise thoughts!

    Hope the exam went well for your Khaya and enjoy the new feeling of freedom! 😀 Happy Easter! Xx

  13. I agree it’s not always easy to resist, but one can always try. 🙂 Thanks Annika, and a restful Easter to you too…xx

  14. I’ve been tempted by so many things that prevent me from being constructive or creative. I just have to resist those urges, so I can progress in everything I do.

  15. Oh, one must always be aware of those distractions. Some come as criticism (from self or others), and can cripple our creative process if we don’t resist the temptation to indulge them. Resist!

    Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking time to read my blog. Much appreciated!

  16. I certainly agree. It can be tough to stay constructive with distractions around even if some look harmless or even some that look productive like doing chores instead of something more important.

    You’re welcome. I’m glad I discovered it!

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