Pressing Memories

I press memories as summer escapes.

backstory: Have you noticed that when you feel or express gratitude, your mood improves remarkably? This is what has started to happen again with me. I’ve started to appreciate even the smallest things. The phlox flowers (pictured above) best capture my mood as I hold on to summer memories. Today, I invite you to share one or two things you are grateful for, of late.

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Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Thank you Rosemary for sharing. 🙂 I join in your gratitude too, the weather is sunny here this morning and the birdsong still lingers despite that it’s the end of the summer. Enjoy your sunny day!

  2. I like to look at the sky and appreciate it how it’s a shade darker or lighter than yesterday. Nature is quite the art gallery ❤️

  3. Oh yes, the sky! One of nature’s outstanding artworks. Thank you so much for the visit and sharing your gratitude with me. Much appreciated. <3

  4. All summer I appreciate my constantly flowering pink Queen of Sweden Rose Bush, it gives me a boost in my spirits every time I see it … which is often! This morning picked a small bouquet for the breakfast table as my mother is staying over! On a larger scale I appreciate the gift of having choices in my life, the freedom to make the choice. Lovely to see your post, Khaya and wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Hugs xx ❤️

  5. Hi Annika, lovely to see you around. And what joy to have your mother visiting! That’s super special and something to be grateful for too. But yes, the joy of summer flowers in your garden. That Queen of Sweden is exquisite and quite a charmer, I bet a joy to look at. I’m with you on gratitude on a larger scale. So much is going on in the world, and the freedom to make one’s choice shouldn’t be taken for granted. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, my friend! <3

  6. right now i am really appreciating my cup of coffee, it’s kind of awful, some cheap stuff from the grocery store (i’m kind of a coffee snob) but it is 4 am right now and i have work in a few hours. i’m also appreciating how quite it is, which is a rare thing around here, so i will enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. Pity about the cheap, awful coffee! But 4 am silence or quietude is something to cherish, and to be grateful for. Enjoy it, while it lasts.

  8. I am grateful for frozen blueberries, because they make my healthy cereal feel like an indulgence. I am also grateful for a full tin of Irish breakfast tea.

  9. Oh yum, blueberries are a delight. I plan to set some time aside to go berry-picking this autumn. As the tea person that you are, I can only imagine that the tin of Irish breakfast tea is a lovely treat. Enjoy Sunday, Rommy!

  10. I’m grateful for the way sunlight is entering my kitchen at this very moment and dispelling the darkness.

  11. your photo of the phlox flower is exquisite. at first i thought it was an orchid.
    tonight i am grateful that there are still food in the fridge because i crave for a night snack (fried chicken nuggets) before i sleep. 🙂

  12. I’m grateful for a loving home, for being safe and secure, and for enough …… enough to meet my needs.
    (Thank you for reminding us all to count blessings!)

  13. Thank you, dsnake! Food in the fridge, one of the important things to be grateful for. Hope you enjoy your night snack. 🙂

  14. Being safe and secure, in a loving home speaks of things not to take for granted, especially in our times where so many are displaced. Thanks to you too Bev, for sharing your blessings. It is in sharing with others that we realize we have enough, we are enough.

  15. Just for Today … I am grateful for the fragrance of muddled mint, banana bread baking, applesauce bubbling on the stove.

  16. Yes, this is so true and so timely! I had to remind myself to tune in to the birds, sound of waves on rocks, and sun glistening on water so I could wrap myself in gratitude and banish some negative chatter. Gratitude for simple pleasures certainly does usher in joy. Thank you for this ❤❤

  17. I am grateful for the great friendships I have. One friend just offered me a part time job after I had a conversation with his wife about my concerns over finding employment while in school. He offered me a position that would work with my skills and my school schedule. I’m truly thankful.
    And thank you for this beautiful post. 😊❤️🌸

  18. I have totally noticed it! Is one of the reason why I’ve been sharing so much positive writing these last couple of years. The world is a mess, my body hurts, so taking my soothing wherever I can find it feels like a really good idea–especially when we can write it ourselves and share it with others!

  19. Another lovely exercise in perspective shifting!
    I am grateful to have the food and shelter to take care of my family. I am grateful to have spent a day this weekend in the mountains appreciating scenery that reminded me how small I am in the scheme of the world.

  20. It’s my pleasure, Natalie. Your day tuning in to the sound of birds and waves on rocks…sounds exactly like the kind of day to bring joy. Have a lovely week! <3

  21. The world is a real mess, Maga. I’m grateful for stories like yours that delight and entertain, they are a much needed antidote. 🙂 Keep them coming!

  22. This is so good to hear, Christina. I’m glad this post offered a bit of a shift in perspective. And I echo the sentiment of, “How small I am in the scheme of the world.” And nothing like being out in the wilderness that makes this so much clear. I’m already looking forward to hiking this autumn. Thanks so much for sharing your gratitude!

  23. Congratulations, Deb! A friend that can lift you up and support you this way is to be grateful for, indeed. All the best with both your new placement and studies. And thanks to you too for sharing your gratitude. It’s really lovely to hear some good news. 🙂 <3

  24. Hi Khaya, I read your comment on Laura’s post. So happy we can connect again.

  25. This is true. I’ve certainly felt better for thanking others. Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  26. The ability to be aware cannot be overemphasized. I’m grateful too for your awareness Kathy, it helps shape discussions and conversations!

  27. Beautiful flowers! I notice that it makes me feel better to think positive. I try to think of things throughout the day that I’m thankful for. Because being stuck at home in a city I’m unfamiliar with is starting to get me down. Great post!

  28. Being stuck in a city you are not familiar is not nice, at all. But it’s really good that you maintain a spirit of gratitude, regardless. Thank you so much for reading, I’m super pleased you enjoyed the post. Take care!

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