โ€œI have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.โ€ ~ Robert Frost

Everyday for me is a discovery. I think it’s fair to say nobody knows how a day will end, much like writing poetry for me. I guess that’s what makes life interesting and writing compulsive. But the act of discovering: to dig deep and reach for those dark corners, to peel away protective coverings, to take off the armour and be vulnerable, whilst hiding the amount of sweat it takes to make it all seem effortless, can be daunting and downright scary.

Staying in the comfort zone and be safe is not an option either. The desire to find meaning from trivial to the most profound compels me to keep on unearthing. So, thanks to Magaly Guerrero for hosting Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month challenge. It’s been challenging but exciting to immerse myself in darkness, and to find out that dark is beautiful; a frightening magic.

Thanks to you all wicked darling participants for inspiration (through your work and art forms) and encouragement as I push my boundaries. A big thank you to all readers of my blog for comments and show of support as I keep discovering.

In May, the sun shines. I’ll be courting the lake to win the favour of birds.

Seagulls feeding each other

Thanks piratepatty too for inviting me along the quote challenge. If you are a book lover, please do visit her blog, you’ll find a lot of helpful book reviews.

The Enchantress

endowed with nine tails, she shapes
her world. shape-shifting powers
ignite fires in arms of suitors
a dream manifests

past and future
illusion of the grandeur
here and now
moment for the enchantress

witty and foxy she plays not
in the sun but courts the night
and forever young
she will be.

A Yawning Fox

Prompt, โ€œWrite a poem inspired by Japanese myth and loreโ€ for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.