Looking Up

I'm starting to look up again.

backstory: With the war raging nearby, I have no choice but to tightly wrap around my grief like a warm scarf given to me with love, put on my shoes and go outside. Because who knows, if the sun will shine tomorrow! This is to say, I’m starting to look up, search for beauty again, more so now that it hides itself from me.

So, I’m slowly returning to blogging. But I might be less interactive than before as I’m still trying to process it all. That doesn’t mean I’m not reading your blogs though and appreciate the comments you leave here. Thank you for your support!

How are things on your side? Where do you find beauty, these days?

PS: A few days after drafting this post, I came across this article “Feeling Pressure to Grow from Grief.” It was as if the author had read my thoughts. This article was the beauty I found that day, and it goes to show that beauty comes wrapped in many forms. Many thanks Rommy Cortez-Driks for introducing me to What’s Your Grief, it has become one of my go-to resources.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. I am very actively trying to seek beauty as I get closer to the one year anniversary of losing one of my dearest friends. It’s wonderful that I can often find something to make me smile when I’m out walking, whether it’s an interesting cloud pattern, new buds on the trees. I also made myself a playlist of silly pop songs I love. Sometimes a midafternoon dance break can do the trick too. And of course there are stories to read too. *hugs* May you find beauty every time you search for it.

  2. Sometimes beauty finds us – especially when we least expect it. So I’m praying for Beauty to find you, no questions asked.

  3. Thank you Rommy, I’m grateful when I manage to find some beauty each day or when someone shares it; just like you did in your comment. The idea of a mid-afternoon dance break sounds like a great mood enhancer. Something to think about… I send hugs right back at you. I can only imagine your feelings as the death anniversary of your dear friend nears. Take care! <3

  4. Your prayer for beauty means a lot, Laura. And oh, your Goat Suite (Saga) is another form of beauty I found in the past week. Thank you for the gift of music.

  5. So glad to hear that you’re coming up for air… I find beauty wherever I can–nature, my friends, watching my body fight disease (and often wind), seen people I care about moving forward when things get difficult, watching a country resist tyranny, seeing ink heal… So many places.

  6. It’s good that you’re slowly returning to blogging. I hope things can improve in your life though.

  7. I think it is wise to find a balance between doing the things you usually would and giving yourself the grace to experience and honor your grief. Some days may lean more in one direction then others the opposite. Take care of yourself, my friend.

  8. “I’m starting to look up, search for beauty again, more so now that it hides itself from me.” – there is a certain strength and conviction here that I admire and appreciate. Take your time, and do exactly what you need💛

  9. I have to come up for air, I can’t do all this alone. Now that I see the many meaningful places you find beauty, I’m determined to keep looking. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to help us see. Thank you, Maga.

  10. You’ve nailed it, “Some days may lean more in one direction then others the opposite.” Thank you Christina, I appreciate your kind comment.

  11. “How are things on your side? Where do you find beauty, these days?”

    I love the title of this post ! I often have my students LOOK UP in the middle of class as it’s a great way to stop the loop of unconsciousness we tend to get stuck in.

    I also use stars at the end of my Thriving Under Pressure TEDx to illustrate guidance is everywhere.


    I find beauty in strangers. I search for their “magic” and comment as I pass by, it feels divine.

    I find beauty in a cup of hot coffee.

    I find beauty in your writing.

    I find beauty in each breath.

    Thank you for the LIFT Khaya ✨

  12. Now that you mention, I think this post title was inspired by one of your articles that I’m always happy to receive via inbox. 🙂 And you are so right about looking up being a great way to stop the loop of unconsciousness…

    I’m so glad I decided to get back to blogging. Because, and as I mentioned in another comment, sometimes we need others to help us see the beauty that surrounds us everyday. So many of you here have reminded me of this. I’ll certainly revisit your TEDx to look at those stars. Thanks to you too Dr D for your uplifting responses and kind comment.

  13. Your made my day! Thank you for taking the time Khaya. To share your perspective. And your encouragement here and on my TEDx talk. Looking up to the stars with you! 🌎 ✨ Dr. D

  14. Let the beauty and happiness be all around you, Khaya. Stay blessed!

  15. Sometimes it is hard to remember that beauty, and peace, can be found almost anywhere. I am lucky to live where I do, and be able to look any direction and find beauty. Finding peace is harder, and world events do not make it easier, but even a brief moment counts.

  16. There’s just so much suffering in the world, right now. That’s why find and appreciate beauty around us is a former of gratitude, too. Thank you Lavinia for stopping by.

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