Giveaway: Poetry Lovers {CLOSED}

Nothing is as intimate, tactile and beautiful as holding a printed book in my hands. More especially, if the said book was written and put together by yours truly.

Dear Poetry Lovers! The physical chapbook is finally here.

poetry chapbook – print version

And now, in celebration of the upcoming Midsummer / Juhannus, one of the important holidays in Finland, I’m giving away 1 x chapbook copy, Seasons Defined, and 1 x poem broadside, Summer, and as pictured below.

chapbook & broadside

About the broadside: digital art, size 8”x 11”, giclée printed on Hahnemühle’s 310gsm William Turner paper by dStudiouk.

So, giveaway! It’s easy to enter…

You celebrate Midsummer, yes? Tell me, in comments section below, how do you celebrate this remarkable event.

NB. Giveaway is open to anyone, who can legally enter, i.e. if it’s not prohibited by law in your country.

Important details

  • Giveaway ends 30th June & the winner will be announced no later than Fri, July 6th; 10:00 EEST
  • The winner will be chosen at random. Name of the winner will be added to the end of this post as soon as it is drawn.
  • You must be willing to provide your address, if you win. If, I have no way of contacting you, another winner will be drawn

If, you are not/don’t:

  • a subscriber to my blog
  • follow my public posts on Facebook
  • follow me on Instagram

Please add your e-mail address to your comment, so that I can be able to contact you, if you win.

Good luck & Happy Midsummer, in advance!
UPDATE: The winner of Summer Giveaway: for Poetry Lovers is Annika Perry

Congratulations, Annika!

Please contact me at khaya . ronkainen (at) to claim your prize.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Congratulations, Khaya!!😀🎉 It’s an amazing feeling to hold one’s book and I bet you’re emotions are still flying high! The book looks wonderful and inviting – and I love the envelopes and the tag! The broadside (a word I’ve never come across before with regard to printing and had to look up!) is lovely, so dreamy. The bright vibrant of the robin stands out beautifully – a great image. I wish you lots of luck with your book, Khaya!

    As for Midsummer, we have a Swedish-style Midsummer celebration at home with family and friends. When younger we even had a midsommarstång but not nowadays rather a get-together, BBQ and music. Have a wonderful celebration! xx

  2. Congrats once again my friend. Downloaded the Kindle copy yesterday and will delve in over the weekend. Don’t worry, a candid review will be on Amazon soon as I am done. 🙂

    There is no midsummer where I can from sis, as you well know. 🙂

  3. How generous, Khaya. And isn’t it wonderful to open that box and see your books? I love that. My grandson is a solstice baby, so we usually spend the day (or a nearby day) eating cake, playing in bouncy castles, and getting exhausted with a bunch of little kids. But it’s a time of great joy too. Happy Summer!

  4. I agree, nothing beats the feeling of holding it in my hands. 🙂 It might be a small book but it was both a joy and a headache to put together. I’m forever indebted to all those who helped me realise this dream. As for broadsides, they come a long way, and not so common nowadays. But I’ve always been attracted to the idea of producing one.

    As for Midsummer, I send greetings your way. It’s good to hear you that you still celebrate it, and your way. Many thanks, Annika!xx

  5. This means a lot to me, dear Celestine! I appreciate your support, always. Hope you enjoy the book.

    I know there’s no Midsummer down south, because the sun shines everyday. 😀 But one day, I’ll have a book set in Africa… 🙂

  6. Say that again, my friend! It is a lovely feeling, indeed, opening that box. 🙂

    Oh yay, your grandson! Can’t think of a better reason for your family to celebrate Midsummer. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Happy Summer!

  7. Onnittelut vielä kerran julkaisusta! En malta odottaa, että saan tämän luettua!


  8. Midsummer is one of my favorite holidays. I start my celebration of the Summer Solstice at sunrise, awaiting the baby sun, eating an orange, and sharing the fruit with the Earth. The rest involves summer foods and bit of dancing, and if I can manage it, I try going to a river.

  9. Congratulations Khaya! 😀 It’s a beautiful, beautiful chapbook and I can’t hardly wait to read it. ❤️

    It’s Summer all year round in Malaysia.. and I don’t know what I would do it weren’t for rain which occurs almost every other day.

    Summer Solstice is widely recognized and celebrated in my hometown, i.e. Karachi! 🙂 You ll find people enjoying themselves at the beach .. devouring mango treats ❤️ moreover we believe it to be a new start … a chance at accomplishing goals that one is unable to at the beginning of the year. 🙂

  10. Hi Khaya! Once again congrats on your book, this was wonderful news. I’d be really happy to read it.

    We celebrate Midsummer with family; good food, games and chatting. At Midsummer Eve we go to watch the bonfires. I’m a big fan of traditional Finnish dances (tango, waltz, foxtrot etc) and each Midsummer I get to dance a bit with Valtteri – mostly at home, but sometimes in public 🙂

  11. I shall allow you to give this prize away to a more deserving friend!
    I don’t do FB or IG so I’m disqualifying myself! DRAT!! 😉

  12. Khaya, first congratulation on your book. I’m so excited for you!! We don’t celebrate midsummer here and now I’m feeling a bit ripped off. 🤣

    On a separate topic, I love the new layout of your website, it looks great!!!

  13. I am so happy and excited for you Khaya! To hold your book in your hands, must be so exciting! Sorry I’m late coming around! Thank you for the e-mail! I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Happy Summer Solstice! Our Canadian Native people have a big celebration today. As for myself, I watch the sun rise, eat oranges and take some time to celebrate the fullness of who I am and what I bring to Mother earth.
    By the way, I’m having a giveaway too!
    Big Hugs!

  14. Here in the States, we just officially began summer, June 21st. It’s the longest day of the year. To celebrate, I typically take note of the position of the moon. Yesterday it looked like a half moon, but I’m no expert. I also use this time to reflect on any goals I’d set the first two quarters of the year. If I need to adjust, then I do to ensure the remaining two are even more successful!

    Congrats again on your release! If I don’t win, then I’ll be sure to purchase one <3

  15. I suspected that you have a beautiful way of honouring the Summer Solstice. I love the bit about “sharing the fruit with the Earth”; there’s something sacred about it. I hope you got to dance, too. 🙂

  16. Many thanks, dear Sanaa. Hope your copy reaches you soon.

    Isn’t just brilliant to mark Summer Solstice as a new start; another chance to accomplish goals. I like this.

    Thank you for this lovely glimpse into your world. <3

  17. How romantic, the dance in private and public! 🙂 And yes, I’m interested in traditional Finnish dances, but I’ve yet to visit Seinajoki. for “beautiful summer nights and Finnish tango.”

    Thank you, Minna. Much appreciated!

  18. You are so generous, AJ. The deserving friend then will win. 😀

    But there was no need to disqualify yourself, because I DIDN’T ask for a follow on FB or IG on purpose. I know some people (creatives especially) don’t like social media. But rather it makes it easier for immediate contact, when someone wins.

    Nonetheless, hope you are having a wonderful Midsummer weekend with your loved ones, of course, braaivleis and pap in the mix. 😀

  19. Hi Steph! I wasn’t aware that you don’t celebrate midsummer in your state or area. I thought it a phenomena recognised in the whole of Northern Hemisphere. See I learn something new everyday. 😀

    About the website, it’s a work in progress and is slightly changing shape.

    Thanks again for your continued support, Steph. I appreciate a lot! <3

  20. Happy Summer Solstice, dear Stacy! So profound the way you celebrate “[taking] time to celebrate the fullness of who [you are]. Love this my friend.

    Many thanks for your support. Big Hugs!

    And yes, I’m popping by to check if I have a chance of winning your giveaway. 😀

  21. Reflecting on the goals is something I can relate to, as I use this time to do exactly the same.

    I’m curious about the significance of the moon position to you? But then after listening to your podcasting, and the part about meditating, perhaps I have a slight idea. 🙂

    Many thanks, Kathy. And all the best with your recently released book as well. <3

  22. Khaya, I’ve tried to leave this message via your contact form it doesn’t seem to work for me so I’ll put it here … hope that is okay.


    Dear Khaya

    I just saw your wonderful review last night.

    Thank you so much … it is just fantastic and I am over the moon you enjoyed the book so much. I love how you encapsulated the various stories and the final explanation about some of them. This latter element was recommended to me by my son who enjoys reading what inspires musicians and their songs.

    Warmest thanks again, this means so much to me and I can’t stop smiling
    Annika xx

  23. Hi Annika!
    You are so welcome. Your stories are a great read; they are deep, and as a reader I could relate to the characters. Your book is a wonderful collection of stories. Keep writing! 🙂

    And thank you for notifying me about problems with Contact Form, I’ll look into it soon.

  24. Khaya darling,I don’t know what the problem is but I can’t seem to post the review of your book on Amazon. Any time I try I get this message, ‘Sorry, we’ve experienced a problem. Please submit your review again’ I keep resubmitting up to no avail. I feel so bad.
    I will try and post it on my blog.

  25. Dear Celestine! I just read a hugely disappointing post by Annika about this Amazon review problem, you can read it here

    Regardless of the Amazon problem, I really appreciate you taking time to read and your support.

    Posting on your blog would be a very generous gesture. I’ll check it out. Many thanks my dear friend. <3

  26. Congrats Khaya, you are amazing! As to midsummer traditions we are flexible 😊 Sauna and swimming would be perfect but usually we just stay home, invite some friends over and since all the neighbours have left the city for midsummer, we get to enjoy the peculiarly quiet neighbourhood. This year we went to northern Finland as you already know. Congratulations again, I really admire you. Go girl!

  27. I can relate to your midsummer activities. It’s good to hear you had a lovely one with family and friends.

    Isn’t sauna and swimming after a hot summer day so wonderful. And the “peculiar” quiet neighbourhood is just awesome. Love it!

    Thank you, thank you my friend for your encouraging comment and support. Much appreciated. <3

  28. Just read Annika’s post. How utterly disappointing and distressing. but thank God Amazon restored her reviews. Now, after much digging I was told I have to purchase items totaling at least 100 dollars or so before I can post a review. What the heck! Does Amazon think all subscribers live in the US and can afford purchases worth 100 dollars. 🙂

    Never mind. The review of your book will be up today on my blog. 🙂

  29. Oh, my goodness! That is unbelievable; 100 dollars worth of purchases before reviewing items. What the heck, indeed! Something has seriously gone wrong there. I hope I’ll be able to post the recent book reviews. 🙁

    Btw, I tried to look for a way to contact you on your blog but saw none, except the “send mail” option. I don’t want my correspondence to be public, do you have an email or FB messenger I can contact directly with?

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