Curiosity got the best of me this morning. I google a haibun but only an excited and active bee is revealed. Viral thoughts occupying space dissolve into nothingness as soothing sounds take precedence. The contagion that shakes and shapes our world continues to demand respect yet a simple act of moving my body allows me to rediscover the miracle that is spring.

earthling among trees
bears witness to life as the
green, sunny earth buzzes

Flowering Plants

note: It’s funny how this poem, a special feature for Rommy’s prompt, came about. If like me, you’ve always been curious about Google’s Doodles that mark special dates, now go ahead and find out what today is.

Image courtesy of Google

This is what I did early this morning. Google didn’t only remind me that it is Earth Day but really made me smile with this delightful video. And as we know a smile changes everything.

Btw, last year, NASA said earth is greener than it was 20 years ago. That alone is a reason to smile, even though climate action remains one of the biggest challenges. So, Happy Earth Day! 🙂

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Happy Earth Day, Khaya! I love the [hrase ‘sunny earth buzzes’ – it’s so joyful and hopeful!

  2. I am smiling right along with you, Khaya 😀 I love; “a simple act of moving my body allows me to rediscover the miracle that is spring.” 🌳💝

  3. Spring’s rediscovery is ever so welcome! God’s promise of rebirth.

  4. You made great use of the re-words! I enjoyed this immensely.

  5. I’ve been busier than I don’t know what, especially today. I had no business leaving the house and heading for the woods, but I did anyway. The sun was too bright, in his celebration of Earth Day, and I felt that I couldn’t do less. I’m glad I went out, even if for just a bit–I saw bees and butterflies! I haven’t seen a significant number of them in a while. And there was birdsong… We are lucky, lucky, lucky to rediscover that miracle every single day (and particularly today).

  6. The Google doodles have made me smile more than once. I am glad you shared this delight with us. I hope we are wiser next time Earth Day rolls around, for all our sakes.

  7. Yes let us hope that some good will come from this lesson humanity has been given. I am hoping that the world’s bee population recovers over the next few years as too much harm is being done to them all over the world.

  8. We are very lucky, Maga. I’m so happy to hear that you ventured outdoors and was able to witness again the beauty of nature. Even in a single day, there’s so much to rediscover and marvel at, in nature. Let’s keep heading to the woods, and more especially when think we don’t have time in our busy schedules! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience; bees and butterflies. I haven’t seen them here for a while.

  9. 😊happy you shared this awesome haibun


  10. We had a good soaking rain here on Earth Day, much needed as it has been drier than normal here this month. It’s beautiful here this morning, with the angled morning sunlight emerging between the cracks in a dark sky, shadows and light with a few glimpses of blue. Wishing you a belated Happy Earth Day, and many more reasons to celebrate to come.

  11. Yay to Google doodles! 😀 And I’m super pleased you enjoy my entry, thanks for the inspiration.

    I agree, for all our sakes, we have to change our ways for the betterment of our planet.

  12. Your Earth Day experience sounds wonderful with soaking rain, especially. And how I love the way you describe the morning sunlight, your description reads like lyrics of a song…*nudge 🙂

    Many thanks Lavinia, and I wish you the same too. <3

  13. Yes… the earth is greener… I can go into some of the reasons but I don’t want to bore you!
    Anyway, I love those little flowers… they really attract bumbles! I have quite a good pic from a few years ago… different house… different times.
    OK, so… here’s my official thanks for displaying the Saffer Worldwide cover!! Soooooooo cool to see it on a different platform! THANKS! And thanks too for your regular contributions – your writing caused the poetry corner into being!! And, I will endeavour to always have that special spot open… and will be honoured if there is at least one monthly contribution of yours to grace the page!
    Now… here’s a bit of cheer… so we can share a bee-smile!

  14. Aww! You did make me smile, Vossie. Thank you for your kind words. I’m really happy to hear my humble contributions to your Poetry Corner add some value. You’ve just helped me figure out May contribution. 😀

    And this stunning pic…Wow! Just what I needed to started my day, today. Be well, chat soon!

  15. Happy Belated Earth Day, to you too Kim! We have to continue to be hopeful and celebrate small joys, regardless. 🙂

  16. I didn’t realize Earth was greener now. Of course, there’s currently less air pollution in the world, too.

  17. Thank you for popping by. 🙂 And yes, slowly but surely we are more conscious about our impact on the environment. Still lots of ground to cover though.

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