Beneath the Snow

“Can we talk climate?” asks Susan at Poets United.

cold grew
of snow and ice
fingers scrubbed
winter winds away
for morning came

One of the things that used to vex me with Finnish winter was the ice scrapping of the windscreen, in the mornings. We couldn’t do without a car living in the countryside. But when we moved to the city, it became redundant with the ease of public transport.

Few years ago we sold our car. The motivation at the time was to save a few bucks, car insurance is expensive. But this was also our contribution to reduce transportation emissions. Now, when I see neighbours scratching ice and dusting snow off the windscreen in the mornings, I just smile. Because giving up the car has made me healthier and happier.

Cars in the Parking Lot
Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Ha! I, too, gave up my car for the same reasons. It seemed the least I could do–and it made my budget much more comfortable. I remember the morning coming like that. Your poem is also a wish in me, that we always have winter and cold in its season, and morning every day.

  2. I live out in the country, so giving up a car, at this point is not an option. But, my husband and I have vastly reduced our trips into town.
    Appreciate your note, and love your poem as it helps me remember those strong winter storms.

  3. If it’s not a must, giving up the car is the least we can do. True that, imagine if there were no distinct seasons, their activities and joys!

  4. I totally understand the living in the country, Myrna. It can be challenging without own transport to get around. Thanks for reading.

  5. A blanket cast across the glass
    Makes ice removal quick my lass
    But have no window, have no care
    It’s for the environment that you share

    In an ideal world, and not having to drive to get where needed, no car could be ideal. But my world is not ideal, so I’ll plant more trees when I can.

  6. Healthier and happier!
    Life… modern life,
    Some days I’d rather keep the car,
    And be rid of the wife! 😉 🙂 😉

  7. No windshield scraping, indeed. Just chasing public transport in the city. 😀

  8. Thank you, Marja. I’m happy with that decision, because I can always rent a car if need be.

  9. Ah! nice rhyming poem that made laugh. But yeah, a blanket cast across the glass, you say. It sure works for milder cold but try that in frigid temperatures, you might end up scrapping the blanket itself. 😀 And good for you planting those trees, whatever we can do. Let’s do it!

  10. AJ! Why in the world do you think you might better of without the missus! 😀

  11. Khaya, a lovely poem of your winter mornings … I can well understand how you don’t miss clearing the morning windscreen and with good transport links it makes sense to go carless. In the UK there is barely any decent transport links outside of the big cities so cars a necessity. Yet frost and snow such a rarity I actually enjoy scraping off the ice! I just saw the beautiful snow first of the beautiful valley in your photo, read the title of it and then had to search for the cars!😀

  12. Thanks Sumana. I guess I’m on the right track then with my word “simplify”.

  13. Thanks Annika! I am lucky indeed, to be able to go carless as it’s not always possible to do so. For instance, if I was still living in South Africa that wouldn’t be an option without reliable public transport. But scratch on then, if ice is our thing. 😀

  14. We can’t easily do without a car at the moment–with my health issues and having to take the not-so-Little Princess to school (and her other gazillion engagements, lol) no car would be really bad. But at one time we had two. We sold one and the sale did contribute to happy times. We have only one garage space, so when it got cold we had get she shovels and pray the car had not been completely covered by the city snow shoveling trucks.

    That final smile made me giggle.

  15. I totally understand the need and convenience of having a car. Sometimes one can’t do without. But downsizing from two to one is a remarkable contribution towards reducing emissions. Kudos to you!

    The smile probably works both ways, that is, I smile because I don’t to have shovel snow and scrape ice, and other party might be smiling because they don’t have to run after public transport or freeze at bus stops waiting for transport. So, advantages on both sides. 😀

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