ACCEPTANCE is embracing strengths and flaws.

backstory: Some of the ways I uphold my integrity are empathy, kindness and keeping my promises. Lately, I’ve been dismissal at these. For instance, I’ve found myself saying yes to things I should be saying no to, and end up not following through. One reason is that I’m simply tired…(long story). But there’s beauty in accepting my flaws too, instead of berating myself about my shortcomings. Because I simply can’t be all things to everyone.

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Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. This is a very trying time for all of us. Most if the time still in shock at living a new normal life.
    Adjusting takes time.
    Good Sunday


  2. A telling tale. One of the dangers of being a giver is to over-achieve until youre tired and there’s nothing left to give. Time to recharge the batteries is an absolute necessity!

  3. I’ve gotten better at saying “no,” Khaya, but when I’m tired, even my good intentions wear out. I think it happens to all of us and it’s something to acknowledge and let go. Rest, my friend.

  4. It’s a mighty hard thing to keep both flaws and virtues in perspective. But as you suggest, it is really draining to let our misperceptions of one or the other rule our lives. May as well do the hard thing that feeds us best in the end.

  5. This pure (and healthy) wisdom.

    I love the “ACCEPTANCE” is in caps, for it is a very big word. One that, like your micro-tale and note suggests, encompasses the good and the bad and the not so easily defined. When we stop loving all we are, we lose ourselves.

  6. love that image khaya, and i like what you said about accepting flaws, that’s a tough thing to do, but doing it with a positive attitude can being us so grace. you said it better than me though, glad you shared this with us!

  7. Agreed with what you said.
    there’s a Chinese saying that says even the Buddha can lose his temper.

  8. Love this, “…being my self, which I can trust is largely good.” Thanks Colleen that’s something to remember, always.

  9. It’s good to hear that I’m not alone. Thanks my friend, I’m doing just that…a short but hopefully revitalizing break.

  10. It is hard to keep both flaws and virtues in perspective, I agree. But doing so reminds us that we are human, and we can only do so much.

  11. Yep, it is a big and not an easy word to put into practice. And you’ve got it right, it’s about loving ourselves…warts and all.

  12. Always wonderful to be kind…but be kind to yourself. I have been down this road as well…familiar…but I have learned that when I am depleted I can’t be of much help….Recharge and be well.

  13. Each of us has a ‘backstory’ and I appreciate you sharing yours. Mine fluctuates between saying yes when I should say no (my need to please) and ignoring comments that hurt (stuffing my emotion, avoiding confrontation.) Wishing you well.

  14. No, you are not alone, Khaya. I have been in the same boat of late and worn myself out. I had that talk with myself today about embracing the shortcomings. They need to be worked on, but I can’t kick myself. The gestalt of life is a working imperfection.

  15. Yes, so well said with your last line “The gestalt of life is a working imperfection.” I think we need to cut ourselves a slack, more especially with this greatest pandemic upheaval. Take care, dear Lavinia!

  16. I love this — and your elegant website. Accepting our flaws is crucial to self-love, yet it is not easy to do. I am learning to stop criticizing myself.
    It’s notable that “upholding integrity” is a priority you think about. Sadly, many folks don’t give it a second thought. Kudos to you.
    So glad to have connected with you here.❤

  17. Hey Natalie, I’m having a déjà vu moment. I thought I have seen and replied to your kind comment already, and this morning I find it in the spam folder. 🙁 Apologies for this. But thanks once again for visiting and reading. Much appreciated. I’m thrilled too that I’ve found you in this vast blogland. Have a lovely Sunday! <3

  18. This was definitely a relatable post. I’ve struggled with being a people pleaser and saying yes when I wanted to say no especially when I was younger.

  19. I’m glad you could relate, Curtis. I think most of us struggle at some point with saying no. But experience teaches us, over time, to put down boundaries. 🙂

  20. Sure thing. I’ve been doing my best to set up boundaries in multiple situations. I’ve struggled with saying yes a lot.

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