A Way of Looking at Summer

i. Ahh, summer—what would you have me say of you?

ii. I emptied myself the darkness of three years to feel à gogo that is my laughter.

iii. But what of a strange bird mocking songs of a nightingale, when play was promised!

iv. June is a month of happiness, for the in-laws gave me their son.

v. A celebration.

vi. I had my eyes set on “The Land of the Muses” where everyone is born a poet. To chisel words not for posterity, but as evidence of being alive.

vii. Alas, overtorture is overtourism!

viii. For I carry precious gems, amulets of protection that zap any remnant of energy.

ix. Gallstones.

x. “Play without action is only an intention,” says the entertainment brochure I leaf through while sitting in a Pendolino train.

xi. A way of looking at summer—when your body is on a riot—slow yourself down.

xii. Rest—

xiii. Then get up and play.

A throwback photo of the Birthday Boy and Yours Truly, while interrailing around Europe.

It’s officially summer in my part of the world, good people! And my summer wish list is simple: rest and play. How about you? What are you up to or what kind of summer activities help you strike a perfect balance between rest and play? Please do share! 🙂

Happy Summer or whatever season you are in! <3

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Khaya ❤️. “To chisel words not for posterity, but as evidence of being alive.” Perfection.
    Here’s to rest and play and your anniversary and being alive 💕

  2. This post is a whole journey… love how you’ve put it together… hope words are being chiselled through the overtourism and the rest and play!

  3. ” I had my eyes set on “The Land of the Muses” where everyone is born a poet. To chisel words not for posterity, but as evidence of being alive.” What a beautiful line, Khaya. Rest and play sounds like a wonderful plan for summer. Ours are pretty short (too?), so play and outdoor chores is always on the agenda. I like both – anything to get outside. Be well, my friend. Enjoy!

  4. I love #vi – may I expand that to include ‘music of the spheres*’? “Crafting music as evidence of having been alive”
    *as in the ancient Greek meaning: an ethereal harmony thought by the Pythagoreans to be produced by the vibration of the celestial spheres.
    Thank you for the photo of you and your hubby. Enjoy celebrating the Birthday Boy!
    hugs of joy!

  5. We are still a couple of weeks away from summer in my bit of the planet. But when it gets here, I shall remember to follow your lead: “rest and play” sings to my bone.

  6. So glad you enjoyed the journey. And yes, a writer can always hope to chisel words in between rest and play. 😀 Thanks Rajani for reading!

  7. Thank you so much Kathy, I’ll pass on the birthday wishes. Spending time at the beach is so much fun. And I know another Gemini, who can’t have enough of beach trips. 🙂 Here’s to summer days, and I wish you lovely days at the beach. <3

  8. It’s such a lovely surprise that this line has resonated with almost everyone who commented here. I’m glad you liked it, too. Thank you. Oh, you have short summers there as well! Then yes, playing outdoors is a must. 🙂 Happy Summer, my friend. <3

  9. Absolutely yes, to music of the spheres and crafting music as evidence of having been alive! What a wonderful thought! And now I shall read more on Pythagorean’s theory of harmony. 🙂 Thanks to you too, dearest Laura. We shall keep celebrating these milestones throughout the year. HUGS! <3

  10. I hear that summer is late in some parts, this year. Well, because ours is so short, it starts exactly with the calendar, regardless of whether it’s hot or not. 😀 Anyway, I really hope you get to enjoy the season, when it finally arrives, Maga. Because I’m aware that you know what it means to have a body on a riot… <3

  11. You are so right, Mariss. Summer is such a joyous season here. I always want to be in Europe during summer, and then run away to the South in late autumn. 🙂 Thank you for popping by, and enjoy your winter!

  12. I love it when a line stands out and captures everyone’s attention. Yes, short-short summers here. We’re all starved for the sun when it shows up. 🙂 Enjoy!

  13. A beautiful unusual poem, Khaya to capture the wonder of summer and like so many, I am enraptured with #vi -divine words and sentiment. My friend, is it you ill with gallstones? Are you having treatment for this? Aww .. a very happy birthday to your husband and what a lovely thank you to the in-laws. Yes, to rest … and then up and play. Rather slowly here in the UK during the heatwave but looking forward to more balance climes in Sweden very soon and refreshing rejuvenating swims in the sea and lakes! Wishing you all well, my friend. xx

  14. Belated happy birthday to your husband! June was for being hard at work on a big writing project. July is for recovery from completing the first stage of that project,

  15. Hey Annika, thank you my friend for your visit and apologies for the delayed response. As you’ll read in the latest post, yes I’ve been suffering from gallstones. And the “effective” treatment is to remove the whole gallbladder. Now, slowly recuperating. How kind for the birthday wishes to my hubby! I’ve passed them along. 🙂

    We had a heatwave here too, in June. But July has been milder and rainy so far. I hope you’re in Sweden by now, and enjoying all the season’s activities. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones.xx

  16. My hubby reckons I have a wonderful online community, with all the birthday wishes I keep passing on. 🙂 So, thank you; they are much appreciated. Congrats on completing the first stage of your project. You certainly deserve a break, and I hope you’re taking it easy and enjoying the summer!

  17. “Ahh, summer—what would you have me say of you?”

    Ahh, Lady Summer—that she times it so that she makes an entrance right in the middle of the year is precision! She entices us to pívot and to go slower for our sake. Rest and play is a must before we continue the hike up toward the rest of the year. (Which every year arrives much to soon)
    In my part of Japan the colonies of sailor jellies 🪼 usually arrive at the end of August. In years past, i.e. So water sports could be enjoyed for another whole month.
    I saw a colony yesterday. Too early. Jellyfish are the only creatures thriving in this global warming environment. They’ve no idea how their presence cuts our summer short and brings nostalgia for summer when it’s still summer.
    All your lines lovely. Enjoyed tremendously. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo belated happy June and birthday celebration XoXo

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