A Way of Looking at Beauty

It is beauty itself that you are here.
The small beating in your heart keeps
the world alive. Therefore, do not ask
if it was a good year or a bad year.
Do not torment yourself with society’s
definition of success. You are success.

It is beauty itself that you can dance
in the rain, for storms are part of life.
Love abundantly. Live with an open
heart, and fill yourself with gratitude.
Timelessness of joy, an overflowing
stream of love in its many forms.

It is beauty itself that you can feel.
Play, fall, pick yourself up and learn.
Embrace impermanence of seasons
and make each day count. For,
deserving has nothing to do with it.
Everything is as it should be.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays! ♥♥♥

PS. While I’ll continue to read the blogs, I won’t be publishing any new content during the holidays. I hope to continue journeying with you in the New Year. Otherwise, I’m continuing my #decemberreflections2022 on Instagram. See you around!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Happy holidays, Khaya. I agree – if we can be kind(er) to ourselves and filter out the discordant toxicity, the new year might be a welcoming, even pleasant space.

  2. So true, Rajani! It has never been more important to be “kind(er) to ourselves and filter out the discordant toxicity.” I know many people (in my life) who tend to tally their achievements and beat themselves up, if they haven’t accomplished what they set out to do. I think it’s one of the most cruel things one to do to one’s self.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, too. I assume I’ll be seeing you around. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful message my dear Khaya, and how important it is to sustain our well-being by avoiding the pressure society all too often throws at us. Love this. Continue with your reflections my friend and God willing, we shall see you in 2023! 🎉🎆🎊 #HappyNewYear

  4. You are so right, my dear Khaya, it is beauty itself that we are alive and have each other. I tell myself that all the time, especially on rough days. Thank you for sharing your (inked and photographed) beauty.

  5. True that, being alive is one of the greatest beauties. Having each other is a gift. Because cannot do all this alone. I pray/hope we’ll continue to ride the rough days and create art that heals. Thanks to you too Maga for sharing beauty from your part of the world. Keep well!

  6. Happy Holidays! I honour your courage in sharing your poetry. The creating comes naturally for me — the courage to share often gets thwarted by an ‘imaginary audience’ + perfectionist in tendencies. And every time I read your words Khaya, it reminds to me to SHOW UP just as I am.

  7. Thank you, Dr D. I appreciate your encouraging comment a lot. I wish you all the best for 2023, and as you continue to do your brilliant and inspiring work.

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