A Seasonal Rhythm

Locust spins and sings its heart out
before the wagtail takes its share.
The squirrel climbs fast down a tree
stops and sniffs a baby rabbit
nibbling tender twigs without care.
A family of crows, father perched
on a pine branch vigilantly watches
as the mother feeds the chicks.
Not to be outdone, finch takes over 
for some birds are poets. And this
a seasonal rhythm in my garden.

For the Midweek Motif, Garden, at Poets United.

note: These are images from my backyard. Now that it’s summer, I enjoy sitting on the balcony while sipping my morning coffee. I’ve been following with keen interest a family of crows parked right under my window.

Listening to the rhythm of nature, even with the urban noise around, is precious. It’s like a meditation; finding peace in the midst of chaos.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. So beautiful Khaya! Birds are so relaxing to watch and listen. I wouldn’t be surprised if I take up bird watching when I am retired.

  2. Without birds, our gardens would be poorer indeed!

  3. I love how birds soon catch on to you as you feed them scaps or give them a bath to play in. What a delightful poem this is Khaya.

  4. for some birds are poets – oh I so agree… and some are alarm clocks! I too think birding is truly meditation!

  5. Oh yes, bird watching is a favourite past-time. But don’t wait till you retire, start now and where you are! 🙂

  6. This poem enchanted me! To be a poet among the bird poets is to be among the best of company. And to think you are all drawn together by a garden!

  7. I might have to pack my tent and sleeping bag and head to camp in your yard. Love all the sounds and images your poems brings to life. What a lively place your yard is!

  8. Thanks Maga! And about camping in the backyard, you are so welcome. We love hosting friends and family in summer; it’s the best season ever to visit Finland. So, I live in hope that one day, you’ll grace us with your presence. <3

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