April sky

Yesterday the sky was blue
And clouds gathered
Running away from wind
But not for long, for the sun
Arrived smiling bright
Calling everyone outside;
I walked on the frozen lake
To test my faith.

special note: If you were expecting a prose piece today, as I usually publish one every first Sunday of the month, I apologize.

I want to plant compassion, this spring. But this proves to be more difficult than I thought. That is, I’ve written numerous drafts on choosing compassion, even managed to schedule one, only to edit it later and eventually giving up on the whole thing. It remains a work in progress.

In the meantime, I give you this poem. It’s a description of the weather (beautiful and cold) here, at this time of the year. The featured image, which I took during my day hike yesterday, inspired the poem.

Wishing you a lovely and bright Sunday!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Compassion is a tough subject to write about, as it’s often tough to do in real life.

  2. A gorgeous day, Khaya, and beautiful poem. Compassion is a complicated subject when humans are on a rampage and destroying each other. Have compassion foremost for yourself. Hugs.

  3. Processing for Self in order to write for others is a progress. I feel you and completely empathize with you. What I know, what you want will come. I support you. #WritersWrite

  4. My mind has at times wandered back to “The Golden Rule” – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – it is the only rule the human race really needs to remember, but it is the most difficult to live by. Our species often seems to operate under “do unto others before they do unto you”. Compassion can be difficult to summon at times, but the end result is worth the struggle.

  5. A frozen lake, how amazing. Here on the west coast of Canada all the blossoms are out………..a beautiful poem. I am struggling with compassion too, given the horrors going on…………….great compassion for the attacked, impossible to muster for the attackers.

  6. I could feel that crisp, bright day through your poem and found the final lines powerful.
    Compassion is extremely difficult to describe in words.

  7. Thanks Diana! Humans are on a rampage, indeed. That’s why sometimes compassion can be so difficult to practice. But it’s true, we need to have compassion for ourselves, first.

  8. So true this, “Processing for Self in order to write for others is a progress.” I’ve just decided to process for self as well as write for myself, at this point. That is, my journal overflows. Because grief also complicates things. I’m constantly questioning myself, if I’m being overly sensitive, self-absorbed, lost my sense of humour, the list goes on. Thanks Michelle for stopping by. Much appreciated!

  9. Yes, The Golden Rule; my favourite saying. I’ve been revisiting a lot myself, lately. Thank you Lavinia for reading.

  10. Thank you, Sherry. How lovely to have all the blossoms out! In my part of the world, right now, spring has disappeared under fresh heaps of snow. It’s been snowing non-stop since the beginning of the week; I’m so done with winter. 🙁

    Regarding compassion, you’ve put it so well. Given the current horrors…

  11. I’m so glad I was able to convey the crispness of the day. About that final line, though I’m perfectly fine with walking on water (frozen lakes) in winter, I don’t usually do this in spring. But we are still experiencing sub-zero temperatures.

    Yes compassion is hard to put into words and also practice, at times. Thank you for reading, Mariss.

  12. I’m so happy you got to enjoy the sun, and that you shared the experience with us–the sun has been MIA around here, just rain and gloominess.

    I bet the compassion piece will come up when it’s ready. Compassion isn’t easy, it takes work.

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