This is Country

Hoppers chirp
Bees hum

Fostering species
Flowers bloom

Cotton clouds
Blot the sky

Breeze wafts
The sun shines

Noon whispers
Asserting calm

Tractor distracts
A wader singing

Berries compete
And weed whips

Cobwebs adorn
Windows anew

Down the river
A boat awaits

Eve instructs
Bathers rejoice

As midnight sun
Detains nudes

Before a curtsy
Sign to retire

Oh, solitude
Urban traces fade.

PS. Images in the post (besides feature image): 1 – patches of clouds in the sky, 2 – tractor working in the fields, 3 – weed among redberry bushes, 4 – rowing boat, 5 – neighbouring saunas & 6 – some people I know sitting on the rooftop and cooling down between sauna sessions.

PPS. This is Country is a poem from Seasons Defined. Now you can’t say I didn’t tell you about this book. 🙂 Fresh poem next week. Happy Summer Reading!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. Khaya, I love this! Your photos are gorgeous, and of course the last one is a gem! Such a beautiful poem that perfectly captures the rejuvenation of spending a day in the country.💜

  2. Oh my goodness Khaya, what a hands on experience in the country that embraces elements some may not even notice. 😘💖🥰 I love the way you wove those experiences in your beautifully orchestrated verses. 🙏🏼Your poem complements your photography. 📷 I love it!

  3. Did those guys pose for your photo!? or were they taken by surprise? Getting atop a rooftop seems quite the feat in bare feet and other bodily parts!!! (notice the puns?)

  4. I love these snippets full of joy about the beauty of your surroundings. LOL, the pictures were a fun touch, especially the last one.

  5. Gorgeous flowers, Khaya. These words and images take my breath away. I long to return to Finland some day and explore. Love those enjoying a sauna break. Must feel good after a long, long winter. Thank you for this beautiful post! oxox

  6. The Finnish countryside is lively and unhurried all at the same time. That is, some days are filled with activities; catching up with friends and other cultural events. Other days are simply slow and calm making it easy to notice subtle beauty around. Thank you Kym for being such an enthusiastic poetry lover, I appreciate you reading. Have a lovely week! <3

  7. Your comment made me laugh, Laura. 😀 And yes these guys (my husband and his friends who refuse to grow up!) knew the photo was being taken. As for getting atop a rooftop, we (girls) found them sitting there already, when we came out from our sauna session. So, no mishaps occurred during the climbing up and down the rooftop!!!

  8. I continue to work on my project finding beauty amidst other troubling things in our world. If I can make a reader smile/laugh, experience peace or joy even for a short while, then my work is done. 🙂

  9. Yes, please do come back to Finland, some day. Summer always feel really good after long, dark and cold Nordic winters. That’s why we try to make the best of it, more so that it is short as well. Thanks to you too Maryann for reading. Enjoy your week!oxox

  10. Khaya, my husband and I were in Helsinki for a few days after singing in Prague. It was love at first sight. Maybe another time too. Thanks for the visit. Have a great week. oxox

  11. You are so very welcome Khaya. What a place to be, in such a pastoral place with the opportunity to reel in incredible inspiration wrapped in tranquility. You too have a FANtabulous and blessed week my dear friend. Cheers! 😘💝😉✨🤗

  12. Thank you, Mariss. Summer’s abundance helps me cultivate the habit of being grateful for small joys, too. I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your grandbaby. 🙂

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