Random Things: Week 37

As an introvert (with elements of extroversion), I embrace autumn as it gives me space to reflect. But Keats also famously dubbed it as a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. He was so right. But to random things:

1. Stating the obvious

It’s Friday the 13th, today. A day dismissed by some as a Western superstition, commercialized by businesses to make a few more bucks, feared (triskaidekaphobia) by some as cursed and seized by others as a form of inspiration. For me, it’s mostly a day like others. But I hope it is a delightful prelude to a lovely weekend whether you acknowledge it or not.

2. A universal capacity to love

I discovered H (that’s the name she goes by) at Poets United; a community of poets and storytellers who blog. I was immediately drawn to the message “exploration of truth, joy and wonder” she conveys in her poems. H is truly talented, read her story and hear her sing by clicking the PU link above! And, and…I’m really at awe with her spoken word skills, her poem Heart Open is a gift. Thank you, H. Looking forward to your Out Loud series.

3. Gardening is an art

If you love gardening, and memoirs, Cynthia Reyes’ Twigs in my Hair might just be the book for you. Being recently released, and a paperback (shipping remains the biggest expense this side) means I haven’t read it yet. So, if you happen to read it sooner, please do share your experience.

4. Change of Seasons

Seasons Defined print run is SOLD OUT, and I’m not reprinting. To be honest, even though I never said this out loud because ‘limited edition’ sounds somewhat pompous for my humble Chaps, I knew from the beginning that I’d only print a limited number for all chapbooks I publish. So, here’s my heartfelt THANK YOU to all who bought, read and supported this book. I hope it continues to bring you joy as much as it does to me. Please note, the eChap will always be available on Kindle Amazon.

The Chapbook

5. One of the best things about autumn

Besides exploring the beautiful nature trails, snuggling up next to my hubby on a sofa and binge watch one of our favourite series or movies, is one of the things I enjoy in fall.

Happy Friday, and may the season be a fruitful one!

Most Fridays, I share five random things I’m reading, watching, doing and thinking about. You’re most welcome to join the conversation.

Khaya Ronkainen


  1. What a lovely surprise, Khaya, to be one on your list of Friday the 13th random things. Thank you sincerely for the shout out. I am not superstitious, but I do notice I often have a very good day on Friday the 13th and you have now helped to continue that trend. I am slowly making my way through 2 of your books, Seasons Defined included. Your imagery and phrasing transport one so thoroughly into the seasons as to feel one with them at just the right times…and often out of time altogether. Thank you for sharing your ample gift with us.

  2. Dang it! I meant to get a paper copy too. Ah well, I still have my kindle version and I am quite fond of it. I especially love how magical you made winter.

    I do like to mark full moons in general and enjoy Friday the 13th, but I’ll be enjoying it in a low key way.

  3. Aw, that warms my heart to hear you are fond of the digital copy. Thank you for your support. And yay to magical winters!

    I didn’t see any moon this side, mainly because I’ve been indoors mostly nursing a flu. But I hope you enjoyed your low key marking of the full moon, and Friday the 13th. 🙂

  4. You are so welcome, H. When I read your interview at PU, I thought what a coincidence because I had already drafted my post with your Heart Open poem. I’m not superstitious either, but I believe many wonderful things have happened or do happen on Friday the 13th. 🙂

    I’m super honoured to hear you have taken time to read my books. Thank you so much for your support, I really hope you enjoy and connect with them. Much appreciated!

  5. 1. Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days. I love the number, as might’ve already know. Also, I’m a rebel!

    2. H is a delight, isn’t she? And so inspiring…

    3. You, my friend, are a terrible influence on my efforts to decrease the size of my reading list: How could I ever resist a gardening memoir!?

    4. OMG! My copy of Seasons Defined is actually on my nightstand right now (I write/read/blog in bed *cough*), and I have been rereading some of the poems. I actually reached for it. I’m so glad I have a copy. I feel special.

    5. I just laughed because one of my favorite things about autumn is that my Piano Man and I can finally snuggle for more than a few minutes, without me saying, “Hot flashes! Hot flashes!” and beginning to fan myself. 😀

  6. Khaya, this is such a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing, and for visiting my own Friday series, Forgiving Fridays. 🙂
    I also love your About page, especially your experience with your career path. It’s so important to follow the direction that love takes you. All the best to you with your writing, Khaya.
    I’m taking an extended blog break, as you may recall from my post. I’d be honored to give you additional tips to forgive, if you’re interested in that (even just a little). Feel free to touch in at weloveyou@forgivingconnects.com. Either way, I send you blessings.

  7. Khaya my dear, long time. I know, life just got up with me. I have missed you and I have not forgotten about our little discussion. Will complete and send it soon. Forgive me please. 🙂

    Congrats on the sales.That is awesome news. 🙂

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