Of autumn and love—
Can there be more gifts
Than reflection and affection?
October extravagant
Boasts and delights;
Explosion of colour, nature
Reminds us to breathe.

October Days

note: The poem was inspired by the Midweek Motif, “Autumn” at Poets United.

Khaya Ronkainen


  1. “Explosion of colour, nature…”

    You are so right. I think it is the season of autumn that holds the most color, that color explodes out of nature. I’m so amazed at your brain and what it came up with. Lovely!

  2. Thank you, Khutsie! This is a botanical garden next to my place of work, in my city, Tampere, Finland. We are, indeed, lucky here with distinct seasons and each with its own joys.

  3. I love “Nature reminds us to breathe.” In the midst of so much bad news, it always amazes me, how nature continues her cycle of birth, death and re-birth, doing her best to keep us all going.

  4. I love nature’s reminder to breathe, just as I love your poem.

  5. There’s something about autumn that is so sweet and sentimental. It’s sometimes difficult to capture in words. Thank you for reading!

  6. Oh, I could go on with the list, Khaya! …. the opportunity every year to be reborn embrace the wisdom! I love this!

  7. nature Reminds us to breathe. Good one Love the explosion of coloursw and your photo is stunning

  8. Just saw your reply. Such a beautiful city, I love living the seasons through your writing I am afraid that I was born for the desert, I only love hot dry seasons, I visited Europe once in Spring and I was miserable, too much grey, too much rain and not enough sun.

  9. I can relate to the miserable grey skies and not enough sun. 🙂 But we do have beautiful weather in between. Try summer the next time you visit Europe. You’ll be amazed!

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