On Disappearing

I disappeared to concentrate on the final edit of my novel. And how is that going? You may ask. Short answer, slow.

I won’t get into details of having two summers this year, that is, in Finland and South Africa. The milestone my husband and I celebrated.

Role playing with Hubby

Happiness and tiredness from travelling; backpacking in South Africa during the past two months. Hopefully, the pictures tell a story. 😀

Nature Lover’s Delight

All this is life! It’s invigorating, exciting, meaningful and a gift. I’m eternally grateful, even though it meant putting writing on hold for a while.

I’ve mentioned before that autumn is my most productive season in terms of writing. So, I came back from all the travelling inspired by events taking place at home, and with my mind set on finishing the novel, which happens to be set in South Africa.

“But you can’t plead with autumn. No. The midnight wind stalked through the woods, hooted to frighten you, swept everything away for the approaching winter, whirled the leaves.” ~ Yevgeny Zamyatin

The quote above captures exactly how autumn dictates and moves things in the northern hemisphere. Yes, there is no pleading with autumn. The whirling leaves of the season swept me to a complete different direction.

Instead of a complete novel, I sit with another poetry chapbook (dark poetry) almost ready to be sent out into the world, at the beginning of the new year.

Poem Excerpt, “Death of an Immigrant”

So yes, novel revision and integrating feedback from my editor is taking time. But I promise to keep you up to date with the novel’s progress in the new year. I think I need to ”Speak it, Believe it” and eventually release it.

This means I’ll start sharing why I wrote the book in the first place. The emotional toll it exerted. And, am I scared to release it? You bet! As you know “all art is autobiographical”. That is, there’s always a bit (or more) of self in one’s work.

OK, folks that’s where I am right now. How about you? What are you working on? Any forthcoming work (books, art, etc.) to look forward to in the new year? Oh, please do share!

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and creative professional. Her blog focuses on all things poetry and creative nonfiction.


  1. I know that feeling Khaya, of planning on writing one thing and instead going a different direction. I expected to put together a chapbook of poetry this summer and instead found myself writing flash fiction. But those experiences you mention sound wonderful and can only enrich your writing in the long run! (BTW, I love the poem excerpt.)

  2. Ah! You most certainly are quite active in good, positively healthy ways … and working on a novel is no slight task! Wow! Do you know, too, that I would absolutely LOVE to travel to Finland and South Africa (among many other places in our beautiful world.) Peace and blessings to you and your husband! Oh, and I almost forgot, I am also working on a book … more of an academic sort, and it’s proving to be quite the challenge. 🙂

  3. Yes planning on writing one thing, and instead end up with something else seems to happen quite often with me. But we ought to celebrate whatever we manage to complete. Please do let me know, when your poetry chapbook finally comes out; I’m a chapbook enthusiast! Thank you for Catherine for reading.

  4. Hi Jonathan! Thank you for popping by. I give gratitude to Mother Nature for constantly inspiring positive healthy ways. 🙂 I hope you do find time to travel around the world. And of course, the day you decide to visit Finland or South Africa, I’d like to hear about it beforehand.

    I can imagine that a book of academic sort would prove a challenge. But then again if you are passionate about the subject, you will succeed with it. All the best, my friend. Blessings to you and yours, too!

  5. Love all the pictures, especially the first–I can almost hear the gentle laughter.

    I hope the editing of your novel moves as quick as you need it (or want it). And, my goodness! another poetry book? I am jealous. I, too, am working on something, but I suspect that mine might much a tad slower than yours. But we will get there, won’t we?

  6. Khaya, I have left comments, on your past two posts. I hope you have got them!
    I love this post! I love the photos! I love the photo of you and your hubby! So cute!
    You keep going with your writing! Everything will happen, when it’s suppose to happen. Do what your heart is telling you and being scared is the best! I feel, when you do something, that you are scared about, you are conquering! I love the poem excerpt! I’m getting back into my art. Being me, more and more everyday. I have said that alot over the past few years, but when you didn’t know who you really were, it’s amazing to find out! LOL! I told you awhile ago, about me writing, that’s something I really want to put forth! Even if it’s just for me, it’s in my heart to do! Big Hugs!

  7. Thanks Maga. We had so much fun down South with our medieval themed celebration. 😀

    Novel editing is going well but much slower than anticipated. But as you put it, we will get there. It’s just a matter of keep moving forward.

    As for another poetry chapbook, don’t be jealous! You know that a chapbook is regarded as a “book that is not a book”. But I confess my love of chapbooks, by others, too. Despite that it defies the mass production concept, I like that it’s not bound by a strict definition. It gives me space to experiment and produce.

    But, but…coming to your work. You know I’m a huge fan. I would love to hold your (physical) book in my hands. There so many powerful stories in your cyber home, and I’ve mentioned before that they would certainly make interesting reads as longer works, too. So, I’m patiently waiting. All the best, my friend. <3

  8. Dearest Stacy, thank you so much for taking time to read, and showing some love to my old posts. I appreciate.

    Your words are uplifting and encouraging. I think you are correct, everything happens when it’s suppose to. But I sometimes wonder, if it’s fear that makes me procrastinate with this novel because even though largely fictional, it is still personal. I’ll keep at it, nonetheless, for nothing ventured nothing gained. 😀

    Yes you told me about your art book project, and I’m glad to hear you are still considering it because it’s a wonderful idea. I feel that we always have to write/create for ourselves first, before we can even think of the reader. Otherwise, we will be so intimidated that we’ll stop creating even before we start. So yes to this, “Even if it’s just for me, it’s in my heart to do!” Do it, and all the best! Big Hugs!

  9. Khaya, how wonderful to have two such very different summers and I can sense your buzz and inspiration from your time in South Africa … the time there must help with your novel?

    Writing, editing, takes on a life of its own and I’ve realised I can’t push it along against its will. Your Chapbook was obviously calling and congratulations on its near completion. I look forward to reading about the journey of your novel, the reason for its creation.

    Personally life has interrupted a lot of my writing/editing in recent months although one new project is moving forwards and involving more work than I imagined. As for editing my novel, I realise I need free time, to concentrate on this alone for a few months … but in the meantime given it much thought and planned a whole new revision following reading other books!

    It’s important to live life fully and be kind to oneself as well!

    Wishing you a magical and creative Autumn, Khaya! 😀❤️

  10. Oh yes, Annika, these summers (north and south) are totally different. It was so good to feel the African sun on my skin. And it’s always inspiring to be back home; so much has changed and yet a lot remains the same. It’s a contradiction.

    When it comes to writing, I’m always impressed by people who manage to produce a new book every year. I assume they must be writing everyday. Besides work and other life’s demands, I find it difficult to push it when I’m not in that kind of space. So, instead I keep working on shorter works. That’s how these chapbooks are born. Of course, it could be the fact that poetry is my first choice. 🙂

    Life gets into the way of writing, which is not a bad; we need to live too. But you know how I wish, I could get a grant in order to have that free time to finish one of my many writing projects without worrying about putting food on the table. But getting a grant is like winning a lottery; almost impossible. So, I totally get you. But it’s good to hear you have a project that is moving forward regardless of more work involved. What is important is not to give up altogether but keep at it. Things will eventually come together!

    Wishing you a magical and productive season. It’s officially winter, and I want to see snow. 😀 <3

  11. Autumn is a season of change and promised rebirth… May she toss you with the flirtation of exuberant beginnings and warm endings, conjuring words from the poetry of your soul!

  12. I thought you were simply visiting and not out and about reconnecting with your roots among other things had to re read this again
    Looks like it was tonnes of fun yeah?

  13. Thanks B for your visit. “I am an African/Not because I was born there/But because my heart beats with Africa’s”. If you didn’t know that maybe take some time to read “Life of a Poet” on my about page. 😀

  14. Two summers… and elephant whispering!
    WoW!! I’m jealous!
    Happy writing… happy editing… happy creativity!
    Like you… I’m trying to finish off stories… for the second collection of short stories!
    Let’s just say we must keep at it… saying is believing… as you say! 😉
    Have a great (and productive) Festive Season!

  15. Oh yes, it was good to be home; a Saffer’s got to have some sun kiss sometimes. 🙂
    With writing and creativity, I wish you the same. All the best with putting your second collection together. And if you’re in need of a beta reader, I’m here.

    A peaceful and joyous festive season to you and yours, my friend!

  16. I love your costumes Khaya… and it looks like you had a great time down South very close to where I live.
    I’m sure you will understand why I have nothing planned this Summer, but to while away the hours watching butterflies and walking on the beach. 😉

  17. Thank you, Ally! Costumes were supplied by George Arts Theatre, and we had a ball! And yes, we had a wonderful time. But I got so busy with organizing the event that I couldn’t fit a visit to you. 🙁 Might have better luck next time…

    And oh, the joys of summer. Beach is a lovely place for people-watching and be inspired to write. 😀 Enjoy to the fullest!

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