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1. Elections, elections and elections

I’ve been a busy citizen with all these elections: April 14th were Finnish parliamentary elections, May 8th South African general elections and forthcoming May 26th European elections. I’m grateful for all this because in some countries it’s difficult for women to vote.

2. Writer, do you know how far your book travels?

You might find this story in the Johannesburg Review of Books issue interesting. While on the subject of copyright, you can also read how the European Copyright has been adjusted.

3. The psychology of wanting things we can’t have

I’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale series, at last. Urgh! The child-bearing servitude depicted here makes my blood boil.

4. There are things I’d like to understanding about mental illness

Christina Bergling, one of the horror writers I enjoy reading, sheds some light with her moving memoir, How to Kill Yourself Slowly. Please listen to her read!

5. Lost & Found

Below is an excerpt of a draft poem I lost almost five years ago. It’s one of those gifted poems, I wrote in one sitting. When I wanted to edit it later on, I searched high and low but in vain. And voilà! This week I found it nicely tucked under my old poetry assignments. Oh, the joys of spring cleaning!

Wishing you a weekend full of wonder!

From now on, I plan to share five random things I’m reading, watching, doing and thinking about. Hope you find them interesting.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and blogger. Her blog focuses on poetry and creative nonfiction, and also features poets and their books.


  1. I haven’t watched a Handmaid’s Tale yet but I read the book a couple of weeks ago. Horrifying!!!
    The poem is beautiful. In the past year I feel like I am experiencing that enchantment, beauty and wonder again. Spending a lot more time on nature walks has brought me back to those feelings of youth.

  2. Hi Val! I’m so happy to hear you that enchantment of youth has found you again. Nature does wonders to one’s soul. Keep at it! 🙂

    As for The Handmaid’s Tale, horrifying is the best description. I’ve taken a bit of a break from watching because I get so annoyed but I’ll resume as I certainly want to know how it all ends.

  3. I’ve had my ear open towards your elections and India’s, too. I listen to the news and hear elections stories and can’t believe how far we’ve come… and far we must go. I will check out the articles. And about The Handmaid’s Tale, I don’t think I can watch it yet. It took me forever to read the book. I had to read a few chapters at a time, but it down… and read some more later. It made me too upset. The same was true about Roots. I used to get so angry watching it that I would have to step away.

    Yay! finding gifts we thought gone. There is the magic. Just waiting… to fill you with old wonder.

  4. You have captured my feelings so well, “how far we’ve come… and far we must go.” Each time, I stand before the ballot box I’m grateful for the opportunity but I also know it’s still a long way to go.

    Regarding The Handmaid’s Tale, I understand; it’s hectic. I’ve heard about Roots, and I don’t think I can manage to watch. Stories about slavery are really taxing, I read (or watch) them in small doses.

    And yes, there’s absolute delight in finding something we thought we’ve lost. Finding that poem kept me smiling all day.

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