Sound of Silence

The lake was silent

So trees could communicate,

A birdsong filled the gap.

The Lake

note: The poem is inspired by darkness that is late autumn, on the edge of winter. My first autumn in Finland (years ago) hit me like a ton of bricks. Mother Nature is deceiving this way, she will first tease with a colourful display but once the trees start shedding those romantic and picturesque leaves, it’s a long wait before snowfall.

Over the years I’ve learned to embrace the season, otherwise it would be fighting a losing battle. Because late autumn seems to dictate, “Migrate or hibernate!”. I interpret hibernation as a time for contemplation instead of an inactive state, as the nature forces us to slow down. And whilst lost in quiet contemplation of scenery ― I happen to live nearby a forest and lake ― there is nothing more joyous in that moment than a Greenfinch song (Viherpeippo), one of the bird species less inclined to migrate.

Khaya Ronkainen


  1. Lovely poem and wonderful back story…thank you for sharing. I am always hibernating, even when I am moving fast. As well as, I can’t help but inject colors/sunshine into the leaves when they go dark…otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take it….that may be out of sync with nature…haha :). So cheers to you, if you are able align yourself with nature’s rhythm and its seasons, while having the ability enjoy it…in complete surrender….at the same time ☆~Best.

  2. Thanks to you for reading, I’m glad you like the back story too. Generally, my poems are not biographical. But I have to admit that I’m fascinated with seasons since I moved to Finland because they are so defined, and a complete surrender is necessary to embrace them all:-). All best…

  3. I love your poem and I love the photo! Khaya, you are so right, about either migrate or hibernate. Your weather is much more to the extreme, then ours, but still people get down over here. I love it! LOL! I get more energized! Big Hugs!

  4. Yes our weather can be extreme but there’s so much beauty found in each and every season. Even though late autumn darkness can be heavy and depressing, I’ve learned to put it into good use by dedicating more time to my creative pursuits. And of course, there’s all the fun of hibernating indoors. 🙂

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