A Poem about War: Public Utterances

“A poet’s work…to name the unnamable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world and stop it from going to sleep.” ~ Salman Rushdie

Public utterances
call for lexicographers
to redefine a word,
for war is a danger
that can land one in jail
for fifteen years.

PS: My voice is only a drop in the ocean. Nonetheless, instead of feeling totally helpless in the face of a senseless special operation that is going to leave most of us reeling, I take Rushdie’s advice.

PPS: Photo by Gilles Seguin on Unsplash

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and blogger. Her blog focuses on poetry and creative nonfiction, and also features poets and their books.


  1. We aren’t helpless while we have words… and will… and the understanding that we must think/say/so something. Everything starts with the word.

  2. Words are seeds. They can bloom and become mighty things when planted in the right spot. Keep sowing yours.

  3. Loving this simple little poem and the stark look at how words themselves can be an act of rebellion. <3

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