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Dear 2021,

As you make an exit, I though you should know I’m happy to see you go. For you entered the year with an air of superiority and thought yourself better than 202, whose antics left us reeling.

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Law & Order Upside Down

Riots, violence and looting—

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Face of Crime

Black and white inclusive
Young and old limitless
Local and foreign abusive
Commit all kinds nameless

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A friend asks how my family is doing

I ponder the word, for if I had children
I’d probably share their progress and accomplishments
But instead I try to make sense of the word
For, what I hear is a question about the relationship
I have with my family

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Oh, the city!
madness is gallant / self-care
without hashtags is imperative /

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In 2020, I was a monthly contributor at SAFFER Worldwide; a magazine where South Africans around the globe share their stories. You can read my poems and vignettes from issues below:

Issue 12:  Leaning into the Season (vignette)

Issue 11: November Storms

Issue 10: The Normad’s Song

Issue 9: Happy Helsinki

Issue 8: Summer Garden Haiku

Issue 7: Unplugged: Writing in the Time of Covid-19 (vignette)

Issue 6: This is Country

Issue 5: Spring Cleaning

Issue 4: The Sound of Home

Issue 3: Through a Different Window (vignette)

Issue 2: Winter is Ours

Issue 1: A Close-up of a Winter’s Face (vignette)

p.s. Download as a .pdf for an easy read.

To the Moon (and Back)

If I sent you to the moon
to capture spectacular Earth’s view
where lovers dance under the moonlight,
would you come back to me?
Because I’d wait

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Clarity on Load-shedding

I visited
a country

romantic people
live there;

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Word Roots

Of origins I do not know
Theories varied and accepted
Making sense and no sense
Words are my friends

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Running Brook

Happiness either attracts or repels
You little brook—
Be happy anyway!
Every brook must hum its melodies
Whilst it runs, runs flamboyant

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Journeys Travelled

Journeys —
left me floating in between
(where both worlds depart)
and with no claim to either.
Suburbia no longer white
we sip tea and spend hours
discussing weather, whilst
the sun shines in black rural.
In song and dance we quench
— thirst vanquished.

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