Moon + A Love Poem

If I send you to the moon
to capture spectacular Earth’s view
where lovers dance under the moonlight,
will you come back to me?
Because I’ll wait

Not only for your confident hands
guarding my heart
but to feel
your warm skin against mine
as we gently sway to the rhythm

If I send you to the moon
where scattered light delights dancers in love,
Will you come back to me?
Because I’ll wait

Not only to look into your tender loving eyes
making me go weak at the knees
but to whisper
honeyed words residing between two souls

If I send you to the moon
as my awkward gait slows the pace,
Will you come back?
Because I’ll wait

Not only to dance under shadows of the moonlight
but to relive our first long kiss

The beginning of our lifetime pleasure
leisurely dancing under the moonlight

If I send you, 
will you?
Because I’ll wait.

The Moon

note: I wanted to title this post, “My Valentine is Not Cliché” in response to Weekly Scribblings. But you might have already guessed the title of this poem, To the Moon… But, there’s a story behind. Ah, but aren’t there always stories behind poems! I hear you say. Well, perhaps, I’ll share the story one day.

Khaya Ronkainen
Khaya Ronkainen is a writer, poet and blogger. Her blog focuses on poetry and creative nonfiction, and also features poets and their books.


  1. We’re intrigued and waiting for … the rest of the story!

  2. I like the idea that she sends her love to the moon, and waits for its return. Patience is definitely rewarded.

  3. ~~~ no valentine given in earnest could ever be cliche … love this!

  4. This is so romantic, Khaya! 😍😍 I especially love the idea of re-living the “first long kiss.” 💝

  5. Like Helen said, nothing with do with our hearts can be cliché–especially when it comes to love, loving hearts are just too personal.

    I love this one so much, Khaya. The first stanza reads like a complete poem to me. The first “Because I’ll wait” seems to hold the strength and surety of the world. But I also love that the repetition of the line leaves me feeling that the best loves are the ones that keep on going.


  6. This sent me over the moon. I love, love, love it. The repeating line works so well here, just underlining the constant nature of this love. This is just awesome.

  7. Will you…. love the repetition and the sweetness.

  8. This really was quite beautiful, especially that promise to wait. I wonder how many couples do that or sadly chnage their minds?

  9. I loved it to the moon and back, Khaya; it’s romantic but not in a hackneyed way. I like that you sneaked in ‘making me go weak at the knees’ and I agree about the repetition, which gives the poem structure.

  10. This is beautiful….love to the moon and back is such a treasure

  11. Tender, so tender. Thanks for revealing a bit of your heart in this poem. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  12. Thanks Maga, and I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. I do believe and agree 100% that nothing we do with our hearts can be cliché. <3

  13. Thank you, Robin. And you raise an important question, I personally think nowadays there’s a tendency to give up too early.

  14. It makes me glad to hear that the poem managed to be romantic without being cliche. I’m grateful for this feedback, thank you.

  15. You have great insight into matters of the heart. 😀 I was indeed, particularly vulnerable when I wrote this piece. And it’s one of the poems I wrote without the intention of sharing. Thank you so much reading and your comment.

  16. Oooh, love this. Such a beautiful and evocative poem! As someone who’s always been obsessed with the moon, I absolutely adore the imagery in this. ^_^

  17. Khaya, your poem reads like a dance, the words weaving, the repitition hypnotic! 😀 Not cliched at all … pure beauty and I’ve excelled yourself here. Now, I long to hear the story behind ‘Moon’.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, dear friend and it’s always a joy to read your poetry!❤️

  18. You have no idea how much your comment means to me, especially “it’s always a joy to read [my] poetry”. Thank you for your encouragement. <3

    p.s. You shall soon here the story behind... 🙂

  19. So amazingly beautiful, Khaya. Oh, this just made me melt. And I do hope your injury is getting better and you’re off into nature again in one way or another. <3

  20. Such a powerful and loving poem. And of course, I relate strongly to it and the post.

  21. It’s so lovely to hear these beautiful comments about this poem. Thank you, Diana. Hope you and your loved ones are safe, especially in this Corona time… <3

  22. So far so good with the virus, Khaya. I’m a hermit anyway which works in my favor. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely comment on my poem. <3 Take care of yourself too with the virus going around. Happy Writing!

  23. This is such a lovely poem……how wonderful to have a love like that!

  24. Yes… you are so right… poetry wouldn’t exist without the stories.
    It is how we relate these stories that creates the poetic justice to our inner thoughts… and angst!
    (Says he who doesn’t understand poetry… but now I think I do understand just a tad better – it is the story… not necessarily the verse, melody or rhyme… )
    Thanks for helping me understand a little better!!

  25. You’re welcome, Vossie. Poetry is so easy to understand, you just need to read one word after the other. And before you know, you’d have covered the whole line, and the next… 🙂

  26. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I believe I connected with you around the time of your injury or shortly afterwards and while I knew the injury was bad I didn’t fully realize it’s impact on your life. Your poem makes me yearn for real love.

  27. Thank you Steph, I’m super pleased to hear you enjoyed this poem. And you are correct, we connected around the time of my injury. I was (still) drawn to your blog by your fashion category posts.:D I remember because I even asked you to suggest comfortable but stylish shoes to wear for an evening function as I still couldn’t wear high heels, at the time. And you wrote a whole lovely and helpful post in response to my request. See, it’s hard to forget an act of kindness. <3

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