Love in the Dungeons

Born of dragons, breathes
fire to transform a stunted
dwarf; a thing of beauty

Faithful servant adrift
falls hard into the arms
strong as a mountain

Dwarf seeking glory
leads scaly prince
down the Dungeons

Where race card matters
not. Master awaits to
officiate the union.

Note: Dragonborn and Dwarf are characters from a fantasy roleplaying game, I amuse myself with in my spare time.

Poem in response to prompt, β€œLegendary Beings in Love” for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.

Khaya Ronkainen


  1. “a thing of beauty”, indeed! Love the effect of that line, Khaya. And the idea of a Dragon and a Dwarf in love make for a night of D&D to remember. I hope to get a glimpse of their wedding! πŸ˜€

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