I Woke Up in Africa Today

I woke up in Africa today
Kingfisher already laughing
At the southern tip
iNtshona-koloni pulsates;
A heart under pressure
Men and women crawl
Joining the morning rush
Chasing wealth

Cape Town Central Business District
Khaya Ronkainen


    1. Thanks so much, Ally. We were lucky with weather this past weekend in Cape Town; it was really awesome for Heritage celebrations.

      Btw, I owe you an email. Will update in due course. 🙂

  1. I can’t think of any better place to wake up! Such a vibrant, beautiful, and dynamic continent. However, I admit that I know almost nothing about Cape Town!

  2. That ‘chase for wealth’ seems to be a phase so many go through. They might catch it, find it isn’t worth it, or simply grow up. Your poem reminds me what is important.

  3. Maybe we should join the kingfisher in his laugh … instead of crawling and joining the chase to work! 😀 It must be a world away from the wild landscape of Finland, a real dichotomy of experiences, confusing, enriching. Ps. I love the photo … all the cars heading away from the beautiful backdrop of the mountain! Says it all! Hugs x

    1. Oh, lovely poem!
      I bet you’ve been away from Cape Town for too long. There’s a new rhyme at present regarding water shortage, it has inspired a lot of writing for me. 😀

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